Apparently everything in the world is made out of chemicals?!!! How was I supposed to know?!?!?! I don’t take Chemythsy!!

what are the IMPLICATIONS that everything is CHEMICALS?!

how do we tell the difference between gOOD CHEMICALS and BAD CHEMICALS?

Just read a convincing petition against dihydrogen monoxide. Help sign it!! I cannot believe the audacity for major government officials and corporations to use this dangerous, dangerous chemical so frequently!!

And I was just recently informed that dihydrogen monoxide is, indeed, water. Unfortunately I am, too, a victim of sensationalism.

Hmm, that’s a good idea for a play. The idea of overwhelming sensationalism and mass hysteria and–

btw Orchestra bake sale on right now!!! support us OR THE BRASS SECTION (me included) WILL BOYCOTT!!!!!

you ask, what will we be boycotting?? um. i don't know. I just like saying the word BOYCOTT.

people have been asking me for my input on @themuse! do u think i've been silent... busy with senior year things, rather than tackling on this important NEW issue (?) that has popped up over mirror blogs. NO. of course not. i've been gathering my time and gathering information. i have opinions!!! they're very numerous and very strong!!

my strongest conjectures are a) edgy freedom year student hex-bent on wasting my time and b) the Authors themselves

also, FYI, each musician brings their own twist to a classical piece which ultimately makes it their own. ur metaphor is fitting, but not in the way you think @themuse.

but, have you?

>@themuse: Take your little eyes away from the screen for a second and look out at the world for a second. Six, seven billion human beings. And you think they're all unique? Do they all have that ‘special’ touch? Do you really think you've seen enough of them to make that judgement?

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