Sage dresses fairly bundled up and protected, with lots of pockets available to him to store notebooks and highlighters and other small items.

The main motifs in Little Ida are obviously flowers and dance. Parts of Sage's outfits will also make reference to Sophie the ragdoll, as well as the Botanical Gardens. Sometimes the act of "burying" the flowers may also be nodded to.


All flowers used in Sage's outfits are flowers present in Little Ida's Flowers. One day I will procure a list of all of them.

Art Sage's Outfits
Sage fullbody sketch


Long Cloak

  • Inner lining has a floral pattern.
  • Lower outer border has poppies.


  • Floral border. A ragdoll teddy bear is playing in the field of flowers - a reference to Sophie.


  • Doc Martens - a common choice of boots for protesters.
  • They are red, as red shoes are commonly used to represent maturity.
  • The eyelets of the boots are meant to resemble snowdrops.
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