Mother, do I trust the government?

The Little Ida before Sage runs a dance studio, that is connected to a smaller theatre. It is modern, both expansive and expensive. Lots of sunlight filters in through its large windows, and with the verdant plants that decorate the space, it almost resembles a greenhouse.

Given that she is the executive director, given that she is a single mother, she is often overworked, tense and stressed. Sometimes, this comes at the cost of leaving her own son up to his own devices. As long as Sage isn't getting too much into trouble, and as long as Sage sends her all those invites to his Ogre-stra and Theatre performances, everything is good.

An inherited burden, an eternal party.
Of Spring

Similar to Sage, she once had the family curse, passed from parent to son. The lucid dreaming, the inability to separate reality from reverie sometimes. The curse disappears once it's passed on - people like to say that it's a demonstration of maturity: you lose the childish dreams once you enter the adult world. Sage thinks about that theory a lot. He thinks about his mother - who, although calm and respectful, sometimes lacks a backbone, sometimes is prone to being a pushover, sometimes sacrifices time with her son for her work.


All and all, you're just another brick in the wall.

His parents are divorced. As Sage lives with his mother, as she is his destiny parent, he does not see his father as much. He runs a florist shop near the outskirts of Copenhagen, and does floral arrangements for all events. There is nothing too special about him, but he shares in the general sense of 'chill' Sage's mother as, the general sense that he is trying not to care too much.

However, the complacency of both his parents upset Sage a lot. He has so many emotions, he cares so much about the state of the world and his own future. He's starting to feel like his parents are not the sort of people he can go talking to about these sorts of things, but at least there are people who can.


Second cousins, actually. The two boys are slightly older than Sage, already studying in university. They are destined to be the next James and Adolphus, but as the roles are very short, they never went to Ever After High. Right now, I don't have any ideas on them.

Professional and Academic

Next University Student: Lavender Blue

Lavender Blue is the next University Student in Little Ida's flowers, and Sage thinks of them as incredibly cool.


Next Lawyer

How can anyone put such notions into a child's head?
the lawyer, Little Ida's Flowers


Academic Advisor: Ms Momma Bear

His academic advisor is Ms Momma Bear.


Being a highschool senior, Sage is honestly quite ready to graduate and get out into the real world. Through his years at Ever After High, he's maintained several solid friendships, and even in his Fourth Year, he's continuing to make friendships!

His reputation within the Performing Arts community falls in the realm of being a "Theatre Dad", a nickname bestowed upon him by several other students. Outside of Theatre is where you'd find the general view of Sage as "the conspiracy theorist", and here he makes friends to whom he connects with on that level.

Bathilda Waits

brOTP: Maid of Flowers

"two kids from different walks of life joined by the power of theatre and jazz hands and awkward convos" - me, to Bug

Friends since Freedom Year through Theatre, both Bathilda and Sage have spent the past four years being disgruntled by the school and the System. The Theatre Program at Ever After High is prone to typecasting, and so is Ever After High. Bathilda, being a villain and destined-to-die, experiences the effects of this most maximally.

The two are close enough to have stayed at each other places during the summer for visits, and always work together towards fighting The Adminstration, whether it be through strongly-worded letters or more intense organising.

Sage would cite Bathilda as one of the first people in his life to truly push him into questioning morality and authority. He remembers those last nights after a Theatre performances, at after-parties, in which the two would sit together and talk endlessly and get lost in deep meaningful conversations - about their lives, about the meaning of life, about what life would entail, about the fantastical ways that life could be better. Together, they talk about family issues and class differences, they talk about the inherent brokenness of the world of Ever After High.

That said, given that Sage is Sage, he does take his beliefs about Ever After High to more of an extreme that Bathilda does. Either way, both connect on the level, as well both serving as guidance and a point of contact for young Theatre nerds.

Charmaine Lexwington

Sage's favourite thing about this fairy is that she's shorter than him and he hangs around her to feel tall. Both of them have had a tendency to get cast as fairies in plays, as Min is one and Sage is short (though, he has played a great Puck before, and won't let you live that down). Despite Min having her actual biological father as a Theatre professor at Ever After High, she still calls Sage "Theatre Dad".

Icarus Juniper

A friend of Ogre-stra, Sage and Icarus get along pretty alright. Sage likes how Icarus is very sensible and responsible. Similar to Bathilda, the two talk a lot about their family lives. Sage tries his best to be there for Icarus - poor dude has it rough, and often hides his struggles from the external world.

Daulis Song

Despite having one of the greatest voices to grace the stages of Ever After High, Daulis Song has always been too stage-shy to do Theatre, which had always been a shame to Sage. Although the two don't talk much about anything other than music, they get along swimmingly through the conversations that they do had.

Though... Sage is always super suspicious towards a certain Tereus Dentori...

Kristan Tell

Yet another Theatre Kid! Though, in this case, they bond over more than just Theatre.

Sage is aware of Kristan's sociopolitical exploits and respects them highly, though Sage feels like Kristan isn't addressing the core issues. Sure, criticising the monarchy and the school and the government has validity, but Sage still fundamentally believe that there are powers beyond them that truly pull at the puppetstrings. That said, despite this difference in ideology, the two get along, as they are able to vent on the same issues together. And the man's skill in Opera? Unparalleled.

River Loxias

Sage had been standing on a soapbox when he first encountered River. He had been declaring some of his conspiracies that day, reading off files in a manila folder, trying to get the word out about Ever After’s corrupt system. Most people had assumed this was some kind of sly promotion of his play or just some attention-seeking ploy, and had walked off. At that point, River had landed and appeared out of nowhere, startling the boy and holding up a note that simply said “Continue”.

The two’s initial encounters tended to involve exchanging whatever information they deemed worthy of sharing, and carefully scrutinising the facts of the other. Mostly, they were just intrigued by the other and tried to find out more about the other’s beliefs and how that could advance their own personal view of the world.

Although Sage had always been curious who the person behind the gas mask was, he hasn’t posed any questions on River’s origins – partially because he’s slightly too anxious to ask, wonders if learning about any origins would disturb the “literary quality of his knowledge”, and also because his mother taught him to respect people’s privacy. However, he does pose a ton of questions to River about their graffiti, resulting in the two bonding a bit over their artistic endeavours.

Through their similar beliefs in how the people who control the world of Ever After are totally screwing the innocent people of Ever After over, and the murky beginnings of a friendship through art and theatre, trust begins to be established.

Sage finds River’s secrecy and their idea of a New World Order slightly unnerving though, as he’s worried about the potential of the world becoming worse. This leads to some tension and awkwardness between Sage and River, even after they establish a sense of trust.

Despite such reservations, Sage sometimes helps River in some ways. He’s given River a place to hide amongst theatre equipment, he’s used ventriloquism to throw Blondie or Mirriah off River’s trial once or twice, and he has offered some costuming tips for River to disguise better. Nevertheless, Sage is still praying that aiding River is him doing something good for the world, and not something that would cause his downfall.


Turnus Wyllt

And I’ve only been in the conspiracy theory game for-- what? Not even a year. There are people, in years below me, that have been doing this before even Freedom Year. I think they know what they’re doing, better than I am. Sometimes, I wish they hextended a hand and helped a poor kid out, so that’s what I’m going to do now, for you.

They interact in Veritas Virumque/P1E5. Sage Idason approached Turnus Wyllt to talk about the young boy's blog Veritas, and explained to him why he felt indebted to help, to share his thoughts, and told Turnus that he would be a point of contact, if Turnus ever needed it. As both of them suffer vivid dreams, though Sage's are definitely more lucid and intense, they also relate on that front.


Sage does not currently have a pet, though he does own a collection of stuffed toys and porcelain dolls. Sage keeps these in the glass cabinet on his bookshelf, and refuses to let people touch them. These toys and dolls are said to be "sinisterly creepy".

Most important of these dolls would have to be Sage Junior. She is a ragdoll who is destined to be the next Sophie in Little Ida. Sage has had Sage Junior since he was five years old.


Sage once described romance as a connection of "anima and psyche, a relationship that transcends all logic". If asked if he would ever find his own romance, he would bluntly reply that he knows no one who matches him in mind and soul.

That said, he has a particular liking towards a certain lady-in-waiting, though hasn't planned to act on that.


The most central enemy in Sage's life is "the System". What is the system? Sage defines it as the government and most monarchies in the world. Most importantly though, he declares that the most malevolent forces at work are "the Authors". 

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