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Quotation1 I believed and I hoped.... That there would finally be days I could live without regrets. Quotation2
Scythe Sasin


Scythe Sasin cheerful and adventure-loving guy who lives on a small farm in the Enchanted Forest.



A mysterious individual, Scythe Sasin will either come off emotionless, or serious upon first glance. Don't let that fool you. it's called Military Bearing for a reason. Scythe is actually a playful person with a warm personality.

While serious most of the time, he is still is able to have fun, and has a more of a dark humor sense towards himself. He doesn't really understand insults unless made towards his family or friends.

Scythe will laugh off most insults or injuries made towards himself, and while his semi-dark humor might kinda darken the room for a bit, he is a joy to those whom are daring enough to try to know him. He always wants more friends, and loves to visit foreign kingdoms because it is kinda fun to go off on your own in a strange place and explore.

Scythe sees this whole Royal verses Rebel thing as a waste of time, and finds that Apple is a selfish, stuck up, prissy child whom has lived her life getting everything she wanted. I guess he could say the he's a rebel, but he doesn't side with the Rebels either.


Scythe is a blonde haired teenage boy with a height of 6' 6". His eyes are a shade of emerald. His skin is moderately tan. He wears a green assassin's cloak and green combat boots, with black pants. He has a scythe optimized for combat on his back. He has brown fingerless gloves.\


Scythe was orphaned from birth. He lived in an orphanage until he was adopted by The Soldier and The Princess from the story, The Blue Light. He only lived with them for a year until his adoptive parents were murdered in an uprising. Being babysat by some military buddies of The Soldier, Scythe was placed as the ward of the military and for three years until Alice Wonderland adopted him and took him to Wonderland through the Well of Wonder. 

Scythe trained with Alice until he reached age sixteen when he returned to Ever After and ran black ops until eighteen, where he was ordered to protect the school. 

After Scythe Graduated from EAH, he disappeared for three months, going on a mission and becoming a prisoner of war. During these months he changed, and when he escaped he became more distant to the would around him.

Fairy tale – The Blue Light

How the Story Goes

How does Scythe come into it?

After the story, the soldier discovered that his wounds made him unable to have children. The soldier and the princess adopted a baby boy and named him Kris. Due to the violent takeover of the government by the hand of the soldier, a revolt started, a resulted with the soldier and princess being killed. Kris was being watched by an old war buddy and was placed in the custody of the military, where he took up the name of Scythe Sasin as was adopted by Alice Wonderland.



Scythe himself chooses not to use his magic to fight directly, fearing that he will destroy the school with his unstable fire element. 

Scythe can also use a mind ehnacemnet ability, but overuse of this will overload his brain and he'll be out like a light for the remander of the day. 


Scythe's blade, an emerald and black scythe, is called Emerald Night. The scythe is fused with magic. He can summon two swords, both medium length, and fight as well.

He is also able to summon Excaliber.

Other ways of fighting

Scythe is adept in kickboxing, his fingerless gloves are infused with a little magic to help as well. 


Scythe is bonded with a rank twelve demon known as Shikama. Shikama tries to possess Scythe whenever Scythe's mental fortifications weaken.

Power Qualities


Scythe is a soldier, self explanatory. It means that he is more durable and able to take more punishment than most.


Fear? That world isn't in this soldier's dictionary.


If he doesn't wanna be found, you won't find him.


Basic 1

Scythe done by the wonderful Isaacelwwe!

Dragon Armor

Legacy Day

Wasn't around on Legacy Day.

Nerd outfit XD

occasionally, Scythe will wear glasses, the glasses are high tech, kinda like Google Lens, now that I think about it.


Scythe after he forgot to shave for a few months. He has a beard and wields an axe.



Scythe 2017, or a Jade dubs it, Intense Teacher Scythe

Well, Scythe's hair is dyed silver/black and he has a scar over his right eye. His cloak is torn in places and a tone darker due to wear and tear, it has also lost its invisibility properties. His right arm his covered with slim, black, metallic armor.

His weapons have battle damage and some needed to be reforged.

Tower Climber Career




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Class List

Period 1: Combat Training. Period 2: Monster Hunting. Period 3: Muse-ic Period 4: Weaponsmithing period 5: Lunch Period 6: Heroics 101 Period 7: Woodworking.


Quotation1 "Page, I have made more mistakes than any man, woman, and child in all the worlds, and not understanding your feelings is one of them. I hope you will allow me to correct that mistake." Quotation2
Scythe, to Page Tale, when he woke from the coma.
Quotation1 "I chose not to feel emotions because they interfered with my mission. It's been so long now, that I just forgot what emotions were." Quotation2
Scythe, to his friends.
Quotation1 Supersonic belly flops hurt. Quotation2
Scythe after a skydiving mishap.