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I believed and I hoped.... That there would finally be days I could live without regrets.
Scythe Sasin


Scythe Sasin cheerful and adventure-loving guy who lives on a small farm in the Enchanted Forest.



(Please know that this a major WIP) Upon first glance, Scythe Sasin looks like a broody teenager who fits the whole "broody-teenager" sterotype. However, Scythe himself is so much more than that.

He's a kindred spirit that wishes to learn and understand social interaction, meet new people, and explore the world.

While not timid, Scythe doesn't usually go out of his way to inact conversation or social interaction if he doesn't know someone. However, if that person looks like they need some help, that a different story. He is a technically a hero after all.

His morals are his life, and they drive nearly everything he does. If someone is in trouble, he will help them with no regard to himself. He doesn't really take a side in most issues, hence his neutral status. Unless its against the law of course, he's on the laws side as long as the law stays fair to its subjects.

Speaking of his Neutral status, his thoughts on this whole Rebel verse Royal issue is very.... bland... for lack of a better term. He doesn't get it, at all. People should be able to make choices for themselves. Which makes him seem like a Neutral-Rebel, but he does believe that the Rebel side is taking things a little too far with how much they're campaigning their beliefs. Don't get him wrong, he understands that some of the Rebel's so called "destinies" are absolutely terrible for them. But when the entire school as seemingly drawn battlelines and old friends become enemies, Scythe things things have gone too far.


Scythe has black hair and green eyes. He's realatively tall at six foot two inches. He has forgon his old cloak for something more pracitcal. A black blazer with a white collared shirt and green tie. He wears black slacks and black combat boots as well.


Scythe was orphaned from birth. He lived in an orphanage until he was adopted by The Soldier and The Princess from the story, The Blue Light. He only lived with them for a year until his adoptive parents were murdered in an uprising. Being babysat by some military buddies of The Soldier, Scythe was placed as the ward of the military and for three years until Alice Wonderland adopted him and took him to Wonderland through the Well of Wonder. 

Scythe trained with Alice until he reached age sixteen when he returned to Ever After and ran black ops until eighteen, where he was ordered to protect the school. 

After Scythe Graduated from EAH, he disappeared for three months, going on a mission and becoming a prisoner of war. During these months he changed, and when he escaped he became more distant to the would around him.

Fairy tale – The Blue Light

How the Story Goes

How does Scythe come into it?

After the story, the soldier discovered that his wounds made him unable to have children. The soldier and the princess adopted a baby boy and named him Kris. Due to the violent takeover of the government by the hand of the soldier, a revolt started, a resulted with the soldier and princess being killed. Kris was being watched by an old war buddy and was placed in the custody of the military, where he took up the name of Scythe Sasin as was adopted by Alice Wonderland.



Scythe's magic is limited only to fire-based magics. Outside of that he can summon his arsenal of weapons.

Melee combat

Scythe himself is skilled with many forms of combat. His primary is the use of his namesake weapon, as well as a mix of Kickboxing. He however, isn't all knowing, and while he knows enough to be able to teach most weapons, he is still prone to mistakes.

Ranged Combat

Scythe isn't known for his range outside his magical abilities. The only real ranged experience he has is the use of small firearms such as pistols.

Power Qualities


Scythe is a soldier, self explanatory. It means that he is more durable and able to take more punishment than most.


Fear? That world isn't in this soldier's dictionary.


If he doesn't wanna be found, you won't find him.


Basic 1

Scythe done by the wonderful Isaacelwwe!

Dragon Armor

Legacy Day

Wasn't around on Legacy Day.

Nerd outfit XD

occasionally, Scythe will wear glasses, the glasses are high tech, kinda like Google Lens, now that I think about it.


Scythe after he forgot to shave for a few months. He has a beard and wields an axe.



Scythe 2017, or a Jade dubs it, Intense Teacher Scythe

Well, Scythe's hair is dyed silver/black and he has a scar over his right eye. His cloak is torn in places and a tone darker due to wear and tear, it has also lost its invisibility properties. His right arm his covered with slim, black, metallic armor.

His weapons have battle damage and some needed to be reforged.

Tower Climber Career




IMG 20160827 1929127255

Class List

Period 1: Combat Training. Period 2: Monster Hunting. Period 3: Muse-ic Period 4: Weaponsmithing period 5: Lunch Period 6: Heroics 101 Period 7: Woodworking.


"Page, I have made more mistakes than any man, woman, and child in all the worlds, and not understanding your feelings is one of them. I hope you will allow me to correct that mistake."
Scythe, to Page Tale, when he woke from the coma.
"I chose not to feel emotions because they interfered with my mission. It's been so long now, that I just forgot what emotions were."
Scythe, to his friends.
Supersonic belly flops hurt.
Scythe after a skydiving mishap.
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