Scythe Sasin, the driver, is a sophomore in high school. He is an outcast in real live and thus turns to the internet. He boxes and is skilled with a sword.



Real name: Ummmmm, Christian

Gender: Male

Date of birth: Rather not say.

Appearance: Currently 5'10", still growing. I have light grey eyes with a green tint, (sorry, I ment to say that but i wore blue eye contacts and wanted to stick with that.) and dirty blonde hair that is generally under a ball cap.

Interests: Computer Science with Game Design, Animation, and explosions.

Favorite EAH character: Ummmm, Raven, that's about it.


Hi, I joined the wiki around the start of 2015, I created Scythe and Page first, as an attempt to get an idea for my fanfiction. I quickly became immersed in the idea of Roleplaying, and thus am still here on this site. Recently, Scythe had gotten a girlfriend of Princess Poem, from Grimm Master's Princess Poem and Princess Common Sense. Grimm Master and I created Harry Walsh.


I am mainly seen with Grimm Master. They're fun to hang around though. I sometimes roleplay with VerdureLullaby, but our relationship is kinda strained at the moment. I also roleplay with Snowgirl742, CeriseKitty3030, Strataffin (At times), WonderlandishHipster, or IRL by myself. XD

I've recently become good friends with Sabineforce, Redwolf-regan, EtherealNyx, CeriseKitty3030, The Amazing AmaZeMenTS, Eldritch Spirit, and Mishachu Tubby, Madmae President Jabbs, and Bel

Filip of Mount Honora

The Jabber2003 Government

According to the C.o.C (Chain of Command) I'm the General of the Army. Jabber2003 (Aka Jabbs), is the president and Nyx is the Vice President. Grimms is the director of the CIA

Outside the Wiki


Yes, I write fanficton, my account is, I have 21 stories, but please, my RWBY one, What the Flames Can't Hide is my proudest and most recent, I am making an EAH fic soon.

Video Games

I play many video games, mainly RPGs. On the PC, I play Vindicus, Elsword, D&D Neverwinter, Skyforge, Tera, and Aion. On the Xbox 360, i have CoD, BO (1 & 2), Halo Reach and Halo 4, and World of Tanks. On my PS4 I have Final Fantasy XIV online, a Realm Reborn, Warframe, War Thunder



Scythe SasinIcon-Neutral


Harry WalshIcon-Royal: he's a collaboration between Grimm Master and I

Carla ConcolorIcon-Royal: She's a collaboration between Sabineforce, Grimm Master, and I


Page TaleIcon-Rebel


Rhythm Sasin: Daughter of Scythe and Poem, made by Grimms

Fun Facts about me

Well, I once spent around three hours one wiki coding and didn't achieve anything. I sorta go off the grid during the school year.

I can play five musical instruments. (Trombone, Ocarina, Guitar, Piano, and Electric synthesizer.)

I'm sort of a loner when I comes to somethings, and often hesitant to ask for things (Like fanart), because I believe that they should get something in return but I have nothing to give.

Although I may seem as this unsociable person at times, I assure you that's not the case. I just am not able to express myself that well through words.

I don't really have a goal for my characters, (ex. CotM, SotM, etc.) I just created Scythe with the original intention of having him as a character nobody wanted to RP with or be around so I could just get a visual for my character, but apparently that wasn't the case. XD

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