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Seabrina Mermaid
Eah seabrina mermaid card
art (c) isaacel
Character Profile
Parent Story The Little Mermaid
Alignment Icon-Roybel Roybel
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Is anybody up for a study party? I really need to hocus focus and get my Chemythstry grade up!


I got my first pedi-curse today - Now my toes are painted blue! Totes splashtacular!


If anyone's interested in learning how to speak whale, meet @ the Enchanted Lake after school tomorrow!


Is it Roybel or Rebyal ??? Either way, both sides of the story are splashtastic!


I think Merina's pet Jelly just gave me some hexcellent love advice... That jellyfish is royally smart!


Wow! These Mirrorphones are spelltacular! Too bad they don't work underwater. Trust me, I tried!

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