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Don't be afraid Cecilia, I'm the satellite, and you're the sky
Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness

Princess Seacilia Mairin McMerhon (she/her) is a 2018 introduced character. Seacilia, also known as Sea, is the daughter of Brooke McMerhon, the current 2nd Oldest Sister from The Little Mermaid, and her wife, Meryl McMerhon. Sea is currently in her Yearbook Year.

As a child, Seacilia always had a love for the sky and astronomy, and upon transferring to Ever After High in her second year, this love only grew. Sea is fascinated by all the knowledge of space that exists on land and wishes she could stay on land forever. However, she knows once she graduates High School, she'll probably never be able to come back. She still truly wishes to honor her legacy and story, yet wants to follow her own passions, so she sides with the Roybels.


Pre-Ever After High

Seacilia McMerhon was born March 14th, 1998 to Brooke and Meryl McMerhon. Brooke had a very minor destiny in a large story- she was one of the Little Mermaid's sisters, and a princess of a prominent Mermaid kingdom. Seacilia was born into a large royal family and grew up with many cousins, aunts, and uncles, notably Meeshell Mermaid.

When Seacilia was 3 (going on four), her mothers had another child- her younger sister, Chelsea McMerhon. Seacilia adored her little sister, though Chelsea ever particularly warmed up to Seacilia.

things happen

Seacilia didn't attend EAH during Freedom Year! As per tradition, mermaids aren't allowed to go the surface until their 15th birthday. Of course, thanks to a bunch of mermaids having destinies, this tradition is often bent for the sake of school. Seacilia mother's opted for her to stay at her private sea-high school for Freedom Year and transfer during Legacy Year.

Ever After High

Legacy Year

Seacilia transferred into EAH in Legacy Year when she was fifteen. During orientation week, Seacilia first met Jobal-Jennifer Moria, who took it upon themself to be her unofficial tour guide and ended up being her first and closest friend at Ever After High.

Yearbook Year




Unlike many of Seacilia's relatives, Sea's never had much of an interest in land or humans. Hex, she's never even really had much interest in the water.

Instead, she's had a fascination with the sky and stars and all that was above. This love she's been fostering for sixteen years has certainly shaped her in many more ways than one. Generally keeping to herself and her notes, Seacilia grew up to be distant, yet a wide-eyed optimistic, always being very hopeful for the future.

Above all else, Seacilia is a dreamer. She has huge hopes and aspirations for the future and many, many plans for what she wants to do. All throughout her childhood, Seacilia was constantly talked down to told her dreams were simply impossible and she'd never get where she'd always wanted to be. She never let that put her down and has persisted with her goals, the same ones she's had since she was still a tiny child.

Still, Seacilia is very much a doer. She's dedicated and goal orientating and will stop at nothing until she achieves whatever it is. With her limited time on land, Seacilia plans to do as much as she can- discover as much as she can, visit as many places as she can, do anything as much as she can. However, she can be very one-track-minded and tends to forget about her surroundings and other things she has to do when she's focused on one task.

Seacilia is very much an optimist. She's the friend everyone tends to go to for reassurance when things are getting out of control- "don't worry, everything is going to be okay, I promise you!" is something Seacilia says a lot. She hopes for the best and... Well, plans for the best. As much as Seacilia is very happy-go-lucky, she's very much in denial that things could be bad. She's blinded by her optimism in a sense and won't accept that bad outcomes are possible. She sees that the facts are laid out, and despite being a very scientifically minded mermaid, she sometimes refuses to face the facts and stay in her own little optimist bubble.

While Seacilia does want to spend her time on land to the fullest, she's very much a rule stickler. She wants to keep a good track record (partially because she hopes a clean record will help her get into a good college) and is very much a goodie two fins (yes, I love that joke). She tries to just keep herself in line and doesn't like being that annoying kid constantly calling someone out on even the slightest deviation of a rule, but still often acts as the impulse control for some of her friends. 

Sea is very intelligent and tends to act like a know it all, despite that fact that she... doesn't exactly know it all. Sea was often told by her mothers how smart she was and she exceeded in a lot of her classes, and while the praise didn't exactly build her ego, it seems to have given her more of a false sense that she was going to one day be some Albert Einstein or something. Sea is sorta aware of that fact that she tends to come off as a know it all, often correcting people and people pointing her out for it, but she seems to have a hard time defeating helping some and rubbing her intelligence in others faces.

Sea could very easily be described as a stereotypical nerd, which isn't entirely false, but certainly not entirely true. She tends to keep to herself and her books, but that's simply because she enjoys it, and its something she's passionate about! She may keep her distance most time, but Seacilia truly loves people and enjoys hear everyone's stories. She's very excitable and types with a lot of "!!!!!". Is somebody typing habits the best indicator of personality? Maybe not the best, but it's definitely important


Seacilia is a dark-skinned mermaid with long hair, similar to this, which she usually wears in a bun, and light brown eyes. Seacilia stands shorter than most students here age, roughly around 5'1 or 5 feet exact. Is she often used as an armrest? Yes. Is she forever annoyed by that? Yes. She has silver freckles on her cheeks because it looks pretty.

In her mermaid form, Seacilia gains a fin a similar color to her hair but is a bit darker. Her hair also gains a shimmer to it.

Hobbies and Interests


In case you haven't picked up on this, Seacilia loves astronomy. It's her "thing". Her friends all know that she's the person to go to if you ever happen to have any space-related question. Sea fell in love with the stars at an early age and always found the stars simply beautiful. As much as Sea is a goodie-two fins (again, love that joke), there was a point when she said "screw it" to the mermaid tradition of waiting until you were fifteen to go above the water, and Sea would swim up to just catch a glimpse of the stars above. Seacilia loved talking to her aunt Pearl, who probably had the most knowledge about the world above out of all of Sea's aunts for obvious reason, and asking her thousands of questions that she never knew the answer to. Still, it entertained Sea.

Marine Biology


Hair Styling


Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation- Seacilia has the ability to turn into a mermaid, though unlike her cousin, this isn't activated by merely being around water.
  • Mermaid Abilities- Sea can also breathe underwater and communicate with sea animals. She's also a hexallent swimmer, for obvious reasons.

Fairy Tale

The Little Mermaid

Main Article: The Little Mermaid

How does Seacilia come into it?

After completing her very minor destiny, Brooke Mermaid married her childhood best friend, Meryl McMerhon, and took on her last name. The couple had two children together,

Views on Destiny

Seacilia is fine with having a pre-written destiny. Not excited, not even in the slightest. She's just kind of... aware of it and always thought that that's what she was going to spend her life being- a nameless, minor character in a famous story. It's not what she ever wanted- Sea would like to be great, make some world-shattering discovery that changes the science community as we know it. But I guess spending three years of your education just preparing to cut off all your hair is fine, though. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.


  • imagine having those
  • couldnt be sea
  • Sea wants to be great and remembered - The sisters are a pretty minor role.


Seacilia's relationships can be found here


Seacilia mainly wears purple, pink, and teal and her outfits tend to focus more on a star theme, rather than the sea but ocean motifs are still there.


Seacilia's Outfits

Signature - Roybel

  • just gonna redraw the old design and make some slight changes

Legacy Day

  • imagine designing these

School Life

Class-ic Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Free Period Hexonomics III Free Period Hexonomics III TBA
Period 2 Muse-ic III Grimmnastics Muse-ic III Grimmnastics TBA
Period 3 AP Science and Sorcery Advanced Dance I AP Science and Sorcery Advanced Dance I AP Science and Sorcery
Period 4 Princess-ology III Free Period Princess-ology III Free Period TBA
Period 5 Honors Pre-Crownculous Honors Chemythstry III Pre-Crownculous Honors Chemythstry III TBA
Period 6 Honors Geografairy III Princess Design II Honors Geografairy III Princess Design II TBA
Seacilia is, as one might expect, a straight A student. TBC

Hextracurricular Activities

Star Gazing Club

Seacilia was one of the founding members of the EAH Star Gazing Club and currently serves as treasurer. It's a little small, but she adores being surrounded by other space lovers.

National Fairytale Honor Society

As described in her mirror blog, Seacilia is a part of the Honor Society.

Dorm Room



  • Seacilia's birthday is March 14th, making her a Pisces.
  • Seacilia has dyslexia.
  • Sea is bisexual.
  • Check out her mirror blog!
  • Seacilia loves coffee, but mainly if it has a lot of added sugar and creamer.
    • The kind of drinks Storybucks has? A+ in Seacilia's book.
  • Seacilia uses a lot of these kinds of emojis: ✧☆✭

Alternative Universes





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Yes, but everything that is what you call "magic" has a scientific explanation
January 8th, 2018 - April 6th, 2020


  • The powerful qualities icons in Seacilia's infamous box were made by Patch and JK!
  • Yeah, Seacilia does share a birthday with Einstien. Yeah, it's a cheap reference. 
    • Yeah, Seacilia is a Pisces, the fish sign. Yeah, I hate myself.
  • Starfish is the ship name of Seacilia and Jobal-Jennifer
    • Starfish won Ship of The Month in May 2020.
  • Pinterest board!!! + one for Starfish


  • "Seacilia" is a pun on "Cecilia" and "Sea".
    • This is personally one of my favorite names I have ever made.
  • "McMerhon" is a nod to Andrew McMahon, who wrote "Cecilia and the Satelite", the song that first inspired Seacilia's character
  • Her middle name, Mairin, means "Star of the Sea", chosen for obvious reasons.
    • "TheStarOfTheSea" is Sea's common handle on social media.
  • See here for an explanation of Sea's family members names.




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