Ship of the Month is a prize won on the Wikia, giving the winning ship a feature on the front page for the next month. The winner is chosen by the admin team, who finalise votes from members.

This page serves as an archive and some information about certain ships may now be outdated. Information is presented as it was at the time of the ship's victory.

Rules and Regulations

  1. You can vote for a ship you have an OC in.
  2. OC/Canon is allowed.
  3. The ship does not have to be a romantic relationship nor does it have to contain just two OCs. Poly ships or friendships are accepted.
  4. All the OCs in your ship must be present on the wikia to win the award.
  5. A ship cannot win if a driver involved won SOTM the previous month.

2015 Results

Month / Year Winning Ship OCs Involved Users Involved Description
June 2015 Minuxel Axel Wolf, Minuette Dancer KazumizFang, Vinnnn The Ship of June is Minuxel, composed of Minuette Dancer and Axel Wolf! This super cute ship between the sweetest ballerina and the Big Bad Wolf is en pointe and fangtastic!
July 2015 Nixee Nicole Knightley, The Yankee Neutron Star Ignition, Strataffin The Ship of July is Nixee, composed of the Yankee, the Connecticut in King Arthur's Court, and Nicole Knightley, a knight from Camelot. Sure, they might have started off on the wrong foot, but she really fell, didn't she? And how could we forget about the fanfiction that launched a thousand tears?
September 2015 Cainn Calli Latrans, Quinn Schauer Eat the hell, EtherealNyx The Ship of September is Quinn and Calli, the next the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was and a coyote trickster! What could possibly go wrong?
October 2015 Heart & Soul C.A. Cupid, Venetia Soulsong Canon, Rai-Knightshade A ship that has captured everyone's Heart & Soul is CA Cupid and Venetia Soulsong, the next Cupid and Psyche! Destined love has never been so cute.
November 2015 Pythe Princess Poem, Scythe Sasin GrimmsDePytheLover, Scythe Sasin A ridiculously cute duo of princess and a soldier, Pythe (Princess Poem and Scythe Sasin) is November's Ship of the Month! Even though a certain protective cousin might get in the way sometimes, these two are madly in love with each other. I guess that's what happens when you mix the most un-princess-of-princesses with your stark, emotionless soldier.]
December 2015 Charlxube Alxube Sept, Coco-Charlotte Pepper Cookie, LightRubiCounselor Charlxube (Coco-Charlotte Pepper and Alxube Sept) wins the Wikia's heart for December's SOTM. The next Duchess' cook from Through the Looking Glass, and the next Maid Maleen is an unexpected and entertaining duo, but they have nonetheless ignited the shipping fire of the Wikians.

2016 Results

Month / Year Winning Ship OCs Involved Users Involved Description
May 2016 Spoopicorn Adham Shavhavar-Behzadi, Mandy Dauntless GarbageBabyPossum Wanlingnic The Ship of May is Spoopicorn, comprised of Mandy Dauntless and Adham Shavhavar-Behzadi! Teachers in love comprised of a fearless adventurer and a chill unicorn. It's plain to see that they're a striking pair who complement each other perfectly, whether it be TA duties or on adventures!
June 2016 Fairmé Airmé Arc-en-ciel, Fay Fairer Jade-the-Tiger, RoybelGirl As the next Fairer-than-a-Fairy and her Rainbow Prince, Fay Fairer and Airmé Arc-en-ciel are jointly crowned the Ship of June! A sweet romance built on love, cooking and art, truly, this is a couple destined for each other.
July 2016 Advised Trickery Courtly Jester, Samuel Gulliver Canon, Madame O'Front Some ships are conceived great. Some ships achieve greatness. And some ships have greatness given to them in a dream. Advised Trickery, the ship between Samuel Gulliver and the tricksy Courtly Jester is certainly an odd pair, but a perfect match of wits.
August 2016 Idiotic Charm Arktophonos Pellen, Charmaine Lexwington EtherealNyx, TaylorRocks Idiotic Charm, the pairing of Charmaine Lexwington and Arktophonos Pellen, is crowned August's SOTM. This adorable yet feisty pair comprised of the witch with wings and the nature boy has left a mark on the shipping hearts of the community.
September 2016 Serarina Paperina Danser, Seraphina Steadfast GrimmsDePytheLover, TheStarryDaydream This month's SOTM award goes to Serarina, a ship comprised of Seraphina Steadfast and Paperina Danser! Girlfriends who are willing to defend each other til the end, we hope to see this rebellious duo march (or dance!) their way to a happily ever after this September.
October 2016 Glass Tunnel Obsidian Tunnel, Opaline Glass Aquamarinesandopals Glass Tunnel, comprised of Opaline Glass and Obsidian Tunnel, is the Ship of the Month! The prince and princess of this generation’s Verde Parto, this nurse and romantic pair are practically made for each other.
November 2016 Fairyfloss Bastion Fanfarinet, Charmaine Lexwington DatAsymptote, TaylorRocks The fantastically flirtatious fix-up that is Fairyfloss has fixed its place as SOTM this fateful November! Consisting of Charmaine Lexwington and Bastion Fanfarinet, these two platonic buddies enjoy nothing more than flirting the night away. They may not be dating but one thing is for sure: they're definitely deserving of this award.
December 2016 Playboy Bunny Celes Mochigome, Percy Boots Homiestars, Qvarr Playboy Bunny is December's Ship of the Month! They might not know it, but they are feline smitten with each other. Although saturated by banter and tsundere-ness, it’s evident that these two really do carrot about each other.

2017 Results

Month / Year Winning Ship OCs Involved Users Involved Description
January 2017 O'Kirk Kirk Hamilton, Quinn O'Kane Aquamarinesandopals, TheLuckyKira Our January SOTM is none other than O'Kirk! The Scottish unicorn and the Irish farm boy's relationship was built on pining and general sweetness. Of corpse, there is no doubt that they're the uni-ly ones for each other.
February 2017 Charllant Charlie Djurisk, Gallant du Lac Patchworks Inc, Vinnnn This month, a dashing knight and jerky prince take the honour of February's Ship of the Month. While Gallant du Lac and Charlie Djurisk must keep their relationship sealed, it's no secret how adorable they are together and how humorous the shenanigans they get up to are.
March 2017 Barlyn Barley, Deryn Corbeau Jade Encrusted Bugs, Theelemettes We are all raven about the Ship of March - Barlyn, the delightfully ironic pair of Oz's scarecrow and the crow in Le Corbeau et Le Renard. One might say that their far-from-cheesy love is outstanding in its field.
April Fools 2017 The Admin Team ARCUS, Spades, DatAsymptote, Jade Encrusted Bugs, Madame O'Front ARCUS, Spades, DatAsymptote, Jade Encrusted Bugs, Madame O'Front SO NO ONE TOLD YOU LIFE WAS GONNA BE THIS WAYYYYYY
April 2017 Glass Skies Obsidian Tunnel, Opaline Glass, Star Thalergeld, Quinn O'Kane Aquamarinesandopals, TheLuckyKira Ship of the Month? More like Squad of the Month. Glass Skies, consisting of Opaline Glass, Obsidian Tunnel, Quinn O'Kane and Star Thalergeld, is truly #goals. Nothing can shatter their stellar friendship.
May 2017 Kaoren Garen Norwitch, Kaolin Alabaster Bluebutterflychan, MonsooonSeasonn Kaoren, consisting of Garen Norwitch and Kaolin Alabaster, is the Ship of May! A cute summer crush turned solid romance, the next Good Witch of the North and China Princess are an adorkable pair, here to survive courtship applications and other difficulties together.
June 2017 Dollfaced Charmaine Lexwington, Marissa Stahlbaum Rose0250, TaylorRocks Could there be a more sassier duo than Dollfaced? Charmaine "Min" Lexwington and Marissa Stahlbum, with their matching pastel tones and external appearances sweeter than sugar, are altogether a force to be reckoned with.
July 2017 Destanne Destiny Claus, Scarlet Anne d'Herblay Homiestars, WiseUnicorn Destanne consisting of Destiny Claus and Scarlet Anne d'Herblay is the ship of July! Sweet as candy canes, this is definitely a romantic duo sword-n to be together. One might even say it's their destiny.
August 2017 The Swan Squad Albano Hayakawa, Cynthia Swann, Lian Tian-e, Svana White, Swanelope Maidelardi, Swangelina Cygnette ARCUS, DatAsymptote, KazumizFang, MonsooonSeasonn, Neutron Star Ignition, Vinnnn One True Pair? How about One True Posse? The Swan Squad are more than Duchess’ backup dance crew, they’re a vibrant squad here slay, sashay, and dance the night away. Behind their coordinated moves and witticisms, each swan maiden carries their own spirited personalities and attitudes. If you’re looking to steal swan maiden cloaks, this isn’t the crowd you wanna mess with.
September 2017 Altiline Alto Lute, Matchiline Spark SerbearStar, ZarinChan Altiline, composed of Alto Lute and Matchiline Spark, is the ship of August! As a pair whose relationship ignited through pasta and cuteness, it's safe to say that these two are truly a noteworthy match.
October 2017 Stained Glass Mirriah Glass, River Loxias Qvarr, Vinnnn Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the SOTM winner this fall? Why, it's Stained Glass of course! This game of cat and mouse seems to have peaked everyone's interest, from the EAH student population, our wiki userbase, to Mirriah Glass and River Loxias themselves. Mystery surrounds every element of this ship, but the real mystery is why they didn't win sooner.
November 2017 Dead Epics Society Multiple Multiple Banding together through their one constant, the destined dead are a dynamic bunch. Internally destructive and angst-ridden, these teens use one another as an outset for their frustration at the system, and at life. Some have found companionship, others have made enemies, but one thing is certain: the Dead Epics Society's impact has been profound, and for that, the users have declared it the Ship of the Month.
December 2017 Love, Kiss, Magic Brangwen Von Dark, Garnet East, Sable Mimicry Bluebutterflychan, TheWiseUnicorn, Qvarr The dynamic of Love, Kiss and Magic is as difficult to pin down as these three girls themselves. Sly, secretive, and sultry, the trio comprised of Sable Mimicry, Garnet East and Brangwen Von Dark is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps the only thing that isn't a mystery about them is that they are beyond deserving of being December's Ship of the Month.

2018 Results

Month / Year Winning Ship OCs Involved Users Involved Description
January 2018 Grizzane Bane O'Rouge, Grizzabella Penumbra Madame O'Front Grizzane, composed of Grizzabella Penumbra and Bane O'Rouge, form the ship of January. The next Johnny and the next Black Bride met by chance, the latter being drawn in by the former's rakish attitude. One-sided, filled with conflicting emotions and ultimately doomed, although the two make a striking pair, sometimes, things aren't meant to last.
February 2018 Bird Brains / Firebird Airmid Valerian, Icarus Juniper DatAsymptote There is no ship more epic ship than Bird Brains, February's ship of the month. Airmid Valerian and Icarus Juniper aren't your typical "bros", they do have a deep and profound connection, ripe for celebration in 2018's month of love. Bird brains may mean stupid, but there is nothing stupid about this friendship!
March 2018 The Muskeedorks Athena de la Fere, Annalise d'Herblay, Victoire d'Artagnan, Vivienne du Vallon Amazamazing, HomiestarsVinnnnXemoog The Squad of the Month, the Muskeedorks, march their way to victory! Sharper than their swords, with wits like knives, this is the group destined to follow out the grand tale in Alexander Dumas' The Three Musketeers! Three might be a crowd, but this squad of four with three on the side is an absolute riot.

2019 Results

Month / Year Winning Ship OCs Involved Users Involved Description
January 2019 Plague of Cupids Aiko K. Cupid, Amoris M. Cupid, C.A.Cupid, Cherita A. Cupid, Eli, Heron R. Cupid, Kardia D. Cupid, Publius A. Cupid, Romeo V. Cupid Canon, Homiestars, MonsooonSeasonn, ShadowSpirit020, WiseUnicorn, Xemoog The children of Eros or his Roman counterpart, Cupid, the Plague of Cupids are an affectionate family, many of whom find a place for themselves as a fairytale legacy. Fickle, flightly, and needlessly dynamic, the family members are dear to both the Wikia and each other. All is fairest in love and war as we spellebrare their victory this January!
February 2019 French King Squad Ramsey Baartholomew, Orleans le Nouveau, Turnus Wyllt DatAsymptote Are they nobles? Are they princes? No! All hail, they are Kings; the Kings of February, and here to take our castle by storm. Donning a second crown each, the French King Squad, comprised of Ramsey Baartholomew, Orleans le Nouveau, and Turnus Wyllt, are ready to rule. While a bumpy beginning was in their past, their future is defined by a great alliance. All bow, for our Kings are here, and their friendship is sincere.
March 2019 The Arthurian Legends Avalon King,Bertha Greene,Blakely Tristan,Freya Schuyler,Charles "Rogue" Radnor,Flayrburn Knightley,Gallant du Lac,Gwen E. Vere,Maureen Merlin,Meredith le Fay,Mickey Dread,Nicole Knightley,Oscar Conrad Joure,Satomi Ragnelle Vinnnn, Airbenderfreak, Hidden-in-my-own-shadows, ShadowSpirit020, Xemoog, Isaacelwwe, Amazamazing, Checkerbored99,Cerisefan03. The Ship, or Squad, of the Month is one entire Round Table! Taking home the Holy Grail of victories is The Arthurian Legends, comprised of several EAH students' following various roles in Arthurian Legend. Although their backgrounds are scattered across various parts of the British Isles, they have one thing in common -- they play key roles, whether large or small, in one of the most intense romanz traditions of all time.
April 2019 Fanfarinet 451 Airmid Valerian, Bastion Fanfarinet DatAsymptote Everyone's dying to know who has won Ship of the Month this April and we are hexcited to announce that it's none other than Fanfarinet 451! During their time at Ever After High, Airmid Valerian and Bastion Fanfarinet forged a bond unlike any other, through Scrollex watches and manhunts, the prospect of death and some epic others. Although their paths have diverged we hope that April's SOTM Award isn't the end of this just-blossoming friendship.
June 2019 Tense Ghosts Audaline Syne, Pandora Present, Jobal-Jennifer Moria Amazamazing, Airbenderfreak, GrimmsDePytheLover The tension is real, we're ready to present to you the Squad of the Month: the Tense Ghosts! Three spirited cousins Audaline Syne, Pandora Present and Jobal-Jennifer Moria are the ghosts in A Christmas Carol and are here to make every holiday season the hauntingly coolest. The characters are all beyond perfect, and we never fail to continuously love them. They are simply the Christmas Ghosts we deserve.
July 2019 Breaking Bad Elwood Silverstone, Virgil Dextrum EtherealNyx, Hiddenfolk Breaking News for July.... wooden you believe it: Breaking Bad is the Ship of the Month! Elwood Silverstone is an enigma, Virgil Dextrum is another enigma, and the two together-- well, that's just an enigma that Oma Boulos will definitely be on the case about. Rumours may fly like angel wings, but one thing is for certain: this ship has definitely raptured the hearts of the Wikia.
August 2019 More Than Just a Friend of Dorothy William Darling, Damon Gale Aquamarinesandopals Some of us might be acquainted to call ourselves "friends of Dorothy", but William Darling is the one lad who can call himself More Than Just A Friend of Dorothy. Along with Damon Gale, the two blue-clad protagonists are the Ship of August! Throw up your arms in spellebration, shine off your best red-silver shoes, for a duo desperate to grow up and grow old together.

2020 Results

Month / Year Winning Ship OCs Involved Users Involved Description
April 2020 The Court Reina Maledi, Lilura Goya, Nobelle Fox Hiddenfolk Only one of them is royal, but look out - The Court is now in session. Reina Maledi, Lilura Goya and Nobelle Fox are the coolest of the villain kids, and it's clear that the underground of Ever After High is their turf. These killer kids are the sort witch you don't want to cross - that won't fae well.
May 2020 StarFish Seacilia McMerhon, Jobal-Jennifer Moria GrimmsDePytheLover The Stars of Mermay are naught but StarFish themselves! Even the sea will find itself lost to time, and Seacilia McMerhon, a mermaid sister, and Jobal-Jennifer Moria, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, are lost in each other's eyes. In love and in science, these two are meant to be, like a pair of stars orbiting in a two-body problem.

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