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Snapdragon's discography

A bandersnatch of many crowns, Snatch G. Banders [they/them] is a teen idol, popstar, fashionista and self-made millionaire, all at the tender age of 18. In their short time in the public spotlight, Snatch has rocketed to global prominence, amassing an impressive list of accolades and a large fan following.

This is why there was a shock when Snatch decided to put their growing career on hold and enrolled in Ever After High.



Before fleeing Wonderland

Snatch was born in Wonderland. Growing up, They were an impulsive kid and was primarily driven by their instincts.

If pressed for an answer, Snatch would say that their childhood was rather idyllic (or as peaceful as living in Wonderland could’ve been). Truthfully, Snatch can’t remember much of their childhood, and what they do remember is usually through rose-tinted lenses: the warm weight of their mother’s bandersnatch form, the dappled sunlight beneath their grandmother’s claws, the smell of wild flowers and the tinkling of a slightly out of tune piano.

Beyond these memories, Snatch recalls the escape from Wonderland, the chilly bite of the air and the electric smell of magic, their parents pushing them through the portal and the definite feeling of loss. They usually stop reminiscing when they reach this part of their memories.

Life in Ever After

After escaping Wonderland, Snatch and their grandmother stayed at a kind host's family home while getting their bookmarks sorted.

Even though the estate was big, Snatch mostly stayed in the music room and play the piano with their Grandmother. They found it cathartic to write their feelings into song and found joy in performing for whatever small audience gathered there. Seeing Snatch's passion for performing, their grandmother sent Snatch's compositions to a music label, knowing that they would flourish with a wider audience.

  • Celebrityhood

Moving away from their grandmother saw Snatch entering a life characterised by intense schedules. Even though they were initially apprehensive about the drastic change, they persisted because they thought that their grandmother wanted them to be financially independent.

Almost immediately, Snatch debuted as a soloist and quickly amassed fame as a charismatic and intense performer.

However, isolated from their support network and suddenly submerged in the highly public and stressful life of a pop star proved to be harmful for them. They were frequently insomniac and irritable, only finding solace in music and occasionally talking to their grandmother. Separated from people who truly knew them, nobody noticed the toll this lifestyle took on Snatch. As the pressure built, Snatch grew even more stressed out.

As a popstar, Snatch preached the message that their fans should stay true to themselves, but they were bound by their own expectations to be a perfect role model.

Publicly, Snatch kept a personable persona, and had a few acquaintances. They were widely known in the industry as a perfectionist, and the combination of the very visible stress they were under and their vicious destiny meant that their peers largely didn't try to know them beyond their persona of a pop star.

The Incident

During Snatch's promotional activities for their song “Paint them Red”, Snatch experienced a panic attack after they were submerged in ice water on a variety show. Reluctantly, they took a break from promotions for a period of time, and went back to their grandmother’s for a short vacation. Their grandma noticed how stressed Snatch was and the burden they felt in the public eye.

Guilty, she sat Snatch down and they had a frank conversation about being a celebrity and taking a break from the public life. Before that discussion, Snatch thought that their grandmother sent them to the city because she wanted them to be self sufficient. After extensive debate, Snatch admitted that they were burned out from the pressure of idol life and wanted to take a break.

Upon hearing Snatch’s confession, their grandma brought Snatch to discuss the issue with the company and Headmaster Grimm. Under the pressure of a fierce bandersnatch, they agreed on Snatch taking a break from all activities and attending EAH for a change in environment.

Attending EAH

In EAH where most people are famous and understood the need for discretion, there was less pressure on Snatch to perform as “Snapdragon” and they learnt to relax and enjoy the time for themself. Snatch was still stressed and got disproportionately upset, but they no longer pressure themself to pretend otherwise, and encouraged students around them to stop doing so as well.

A fair number of students who were Hordes were disenchanted by Snatch’s new attitude, but Headmaster Grimn encouraged Snatch's frumiousity and warned people from sharing their info out of school.


What can be written about Snapdragon that isn’t already publicly known? Actual name Snatch G. Banders, fan-given nickname Snaps, the next Bandersnatch; whichever name they are known by, they’re known to be a person who’s professional and charismatic, thoughtful but occasionally playful (especially around their fans, affectionately called “the Horde”), the epitome of a perfect teen idol.

Of course, this isn’t all there is to Snatch. At the young age of 18, they have lived through several life-changing experiences, and they've grown from each one.

Before transferring to Ever After High in their final year, Snatch was a public figure. Accordingly, there was a need for them to have multiple personas. Acutely aware of their influence as an idol, Snapdragon put themselves under overwhelming pressure to be perfect. They were aware of the millions of Hordes who emulated their every action, and this caused them to develop a tendecy to people-please.

Quotation1.png If my misfortune is your happiness, I’ll happily stay unfortunate; If I’m the figure of hate, I’ll get on the guillotine

The Last, Agust D

As such, Snatch wasn’t mindful about demarcating clear boundaries between their stage character, public persona and their actual self. Snapdragon frequently engaged fans on their mirror blog, and actively participated in fan culture. Even during their private time, Snatch kept up with the happenings in the Horde, and monitored the response to all of their actions through social media their publicist doesn’t know whether he should hate or love them.

Frankly, this was unhealthy as hell. Snapdragon’s determination to keep their True Feelings bottled up fed into Snatch’s inability to healthily express their emotions, and all of Snatch’s creative energy was funneled into providing content for Snapdragon, their Hopes and Fears distorted into palatable radio fare. It wasn't that Snapdragon's music was impersonal, but rather that their soul-baring moments had to be tempered into perfectly produced and polished pop (consider the irony of the punk influence and snapdragon's inability to stay true to themself despite advocating otherwise).

Another reason for Snatch’s unwavering commitment to be “the perfect role model” was that they tend to be intense about things they care deeply about. In EAH, that includes doing whatever they want to do, following what their therapist tells them, and avoiding triggers. Snatch feels deeply and earnestly, and their all-consuming fervour gives rise to an unyielding conviction.

As the next Bandersnatch, it is given that Snatch would have a short temper. While they used to keep a tight rein on their emotions, their control is slipping. Without the need to present as the “perfect Snapdragon”, Snatch is becoming increasingly passionate in EAH. Their passion translates into anger, and concentration into uncompromising beliefs. Snatch is a lot more reactive and prone to black and white thinking and jumping to conclusions.

Quotation1.png Awaken, tears are falling; Who was I for all this time?

Awaken, Stray Kids

The reason for their sudden change? Snatch resolved to never put on a mask or hide their feelings. In EAH, Snatch is outspoken, ferocious and forthright. They maintain strong boundaries, and walk through hallways with an unbowing demeanour. Snatch learns to stand up for themself and for others: they spot students who repress or hide their emotions, and tries to help them gain the self-efficacy to break unhealthy habits.

They make friends, unwind, and grow, gaining new experiences and recontextualising their past. Snatch learns to love themself.

So, what aspect of Snatch G. Banders isn't known by the public? Considering how much Snatch kept to themself, a lot. After taking into account their change in perpective in Ever After, the world would find it hard to reconcile the Snapdragon then and the Snatch G. Banders now.

Regardless, though Snatch's current self is poles apart from the Snapdragon the Hordes knew, one thing remains certain: they are still a role model.



Snatch is musically talented. They’re able to play a total of 4 instruments: guitar, piano, bass, a fish, and they've been learning to play the drums in EAH. Their musical abilities are partially because of their strong background in piano (their grandmother was in the Wonderlandian Philharmonic Ogrestra for few decades).

Snatch possesses relative pitch, and has a good sense for song production, helping to produce songs for fellow musical acts such as Red-rose Velvet, Sevenseas, One Reflection and Ariana Granted. Surprisingly, even though Snatch likes to write upbeat songs, their personal music tends towards grittier, rock-influenced sounds, as well as rhythmic rapping (+some semi decent singing).

Snatch would consider their music taste to be rather global, and they have an appreciation for music from different genres and countries. They frequently recommend songs by other artists on their fae-litter.

The Faerals

tfw you join a band and you've to wear a plague mask for the Aesthetic.

Snatch learned a drum for this.


Snatch has long legs and runs fast. They usually take strolls in the Enchanted Forest, but sometimes races against Cerise Hood when they run into each other.


Like most bandersnatches, Snatch has a set of horns that they take very good care of. Their bandersnatch genes also gives them prominant incisors in their human form, as well as a pair of pointed ears and long limbs.

In fact, much of Snatch seems elongated, from their relatively longer neck to their very noticeable height. Snatch's frequent choice of big fur collars further add to this appearance.

Like many Wonderlandians, Snatch has outlandishly coloured hair. They usually wear it in its normal shade of outrageously shocking green, but they occasionally dye it too.

Fairy tale – Through The Looking Glass

How the Story Goes

The Bandersnatch was mentioned in the poem “Jabberwocky" in the book “Through the Looking Glass”:

“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”

As well as in the poem “The Hunting of the Snark”:

“And the Banker, inspired with a courage so new
It was matter for general remark,
Rushed madly ahead and was lost to their view
In his zeal to discover the Snark.

But while he was seeking with thimbles and care,
A Bandersnatch swiftly drew nigh
And grabbed at the Banker, who shrieked in despair,
For he knew it was useless to fly.

He offered large discount — he offered a cheque
(Drawn "to bearer") for seven-pounds-ten:
But the Bandersnatch merely extended its neck
And grabbed at the Banker again.

Without rest or pause — while those frumious jaws
Went savagely snapping around —
He skipped and he hopped, and he floundered and flopped,
Till fainting he fell to the ground.

The Bandersnatch fled as the others appeared
Led on by that fear-stricken yell:
And the Bellman remarked "It is just as I feared!"
And solemnly tolled on his bell.”

(Only the excerpts which mention the Bandersnatch were quoted here)

How does Snatch come into it?


Snatch grew up as a normal bandersnatch and was a fairly normal child. Their paternal grandmother liked playing the piano and instilled within them a love of music as well. When the Evil Queen cursed Wonderland, Snatch and their grandmother managed to escape to Ever After, but their parents were left behind.

Since there were only two bandersnatches who weren't trapped in Wonderland, the role fell to either Snatch or their grandmother.

Snatch's grandmother decided to take on the role of the Bandersnatch in destiny, so that Snatch could pursue their dreams of becoming a performer, but ultimately gave it up to Snatch, in the hopes that Ever After High could be s source of normalcy for them.

Snatch’s views on their story

Snatch is only briefly mentioned in ‘Through The Looking Glass’ with the line “shun the frumious bandersnatch”, and thus doesn’t have to do anything in that role but be present.

They have a far greater role in the poem ‘The Hunting of the Snark’, where they attacked a banker.

Snatch honestly isn’t concerned about their destiny. They’ve always vaguely knew what they needed to do, but they’ve never actually thought about what it meant to attack someone.


  • The narrator warned his son to “shun the frumious Bandersnatch”. Snatch is adored by the masses instead.
  • The bandersnatch ignored the banker’s attempts to bribe in favour of attacking him.
  • a 'bander' was an archiac word for a leader, so a bandersnatch's an animal that hunts the leader of a group. Snatch's a celebrity, so they're the leader of their fans
  • BAND-ersnatch --> music

Name parallels:

  • Switch the name Snatch (G.) Banders around to get Bandersnatch
  • the G in Snatch's name stands for "Gage", which (in modern terms), is a measuring instrument. This plays into Maddie Hatter's naming scheme (using unexpected objects as middle names).
    • a gage (in archiac meaning) is also a glove thrown to start a duel between two parties, which is a fitting middle name for a creature known for its violence.
  • Snapdragon: "Snap" can refer to suddenly losing one's self-control), and the word was used to describe the bandersnatch: "Went savagely snapping around". Dragons are cool.


  • Snatch’s fans are called the Horde because: 1. Sounds like Hoard and this fits with the dragon theme (credits to Hiddenfolk for this) 2. They defend and fight for Snatch 3. "Horde" as a word sounds vaguely angry and that parallels the Bandersnatch's temper.
    • Snatch has a secret account to interact with their fans. It’s “Band-sendmetotheER-snatched"
  • As a Wonderlandian, Snatch is able to break the 4th wall.
    • They‘re able to sense when a narrator is observing them (pretty often), and this contributes to their need to always be perfect
  • Snatch is nonbinary transmasc

Specific things they like

  • Being enclosed in warm fluffy comforters (but not too hot) - reminds them of sleeping under their mother’s Bandersnatch form
  • The smell of dry + old + treated wood (smells like the piano in their Grandmother’s place), the smell of the sea and the forest
  • Glitter confetti — it’s sparkly and sparks an instinct to CHASE

Things they dislike

  • Snatch hates the sound of screams and the smell of electricity. It reminds them of the Evil Queen casting magic in Wonderland. They wear customised earphones/in-ears to block out the sound of screams.
  • They’re scared of magic used around them. There’s quite a lot of videos of them running from magical special effects in performances. Hordes are generally sympathetic to their trauma and have repeatedly petitioned for events/ festivals to stop using magical special effects. “After all, we’re going to watch Snaps and they’re magical on their own
  • They hate the cold. It snowed when the Evil Queen cast her spell.
  • A few days in EAH, Snatch got into a fight because someone stared at them for too long and they were paranoid that it was a paparazzi
    • not to mention the time they broke Dexter's camera when Blondie and him were trying to interview them for her mirrorcast.


In Universe

Further Reading

Fanfiction Appearances

  • The Fairest Shoes of All by Sings: A fic where Dilan and Snatch get ready for Spring Unsprung -- featuring a lack of shoes, a last minute trip to get some, and a lot of bantering.

Alternate Universes

  • Swords in the Grimm-Dark by Zena: Snatch G. Banders is a contact between the rebellion and informants within the nobility. They're helping the retainer of the Light family find her lost brother.
  • Fairestocracy by Hidden: Snatch is a bandersnatch candidate who uses their celebrity status to gain an edge in pushing out competitors for the role.
  • Storybook of Victors by Airy: This is a Hunger Games AU where every victor is Character of the Month, and their respective Games correspond to their wins. Snatch is the 56th victor in this au!

Other Content


  • Snatch is the COTM for March 2021!! thank you everyone who voted for them ♡
  • They have a pinterest board!
  • Fun timeline facts: Snatch transferred to EAH in 1st July (2019). Their page was uploaded on that day. Their birthday is the day their concept was thought of: 19th May


Quotation1.png Snatch’s win cements the in-universe pop star sensation as a Wiki one, their Wonderlandian charms and driven passion developing a horde of another kind: us! Just like Snatch themself, Snatch’s page is engaging, snappy, and sure, and where Snatch’s devotion to being true to themself provides an excellent role model for their fans, the writing of Snatch provides us with one of the best pages the Wiki has to offer.

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