SnowFright is a fanartist from the UK. She loves drawing, backgrounders and binge watching media content. She especially loves working on commissions of other characters and helping fellow EAH fans bring their ideas to life!

She is most often found on Deviantart and or Tumblr

You can call her Snow, Snowfy, or Miss Fright if ya fancy.


Theresa Toad - Daughter of the Wicked Sister in 'Diamonds and Toads.'

Darla Diamond - Daughter of the Good Sister in 'Diamonds and Toads'

Faebian Fair - Son of the Fairy from 'Diamonds and Toads'

Roary Beastelle - Daughter of Beauty & the Beast from 'Beauty and the Beast'

Arissa Finn - Daughter of the second youngest mer-sister in 'The Little Mermaid'

My Artwork

**Whilst I drew all of this artwork not all of the characters are mine - I had the pleasure of drawing

Chloe Stiltskin, Minuette Dancer, Sarah Dance, Rune Goblin & Connor Peterson for their respective owners**

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