Snownina (Snownina, snow, nina, whatever), also known as Grace, is a human being who is part of this fandom. She is currently 13 years old, and living in this fairytale world :D

She is obsessed with anime and Disney movies. Grace likes Batman out of all the superheroes and whatever because he's rich and his car is cool, and she doesn't like Spiderman as she thinks that he's annoying. She is rather bossy and has a large ego, but is also a peacemaker/keeper. Grace is also rather sarcastic. She often does not know what to say about herself like in this situation right here. Grace was once into this Rainbow Magic fairy series of books or something like that but she gave up on it. She lives in her own fairytale world and likes to daydream.

Grace can sometimes go all philosophical on you, so watch out. And if you meet her in real life, she's really different from what her personality is like online.

snownina hates it when people spell her name as Snownina instead of snownina. But that's the way it is.


Lin Qin - Daughter of the Emperor in The Nightingale

Rolanda Liebste - Daughter of Roland and the maiden in Sweetheart Roland

Trivia and Stuff

  • Birthday: April 7th
  • Not exactly outgoing (In real life). Online? She can out-talk anyone if she wasn't that scared of offending someone.
  • Grace likes quotes.
  • Maybe snownina has some obesession with dreams and all those psychological things.
  • Math geek. She doesn't like math though.
  • Fond of History, especially the Renaissance time period or whatever it's called.
  • Favorite food: Tiramisu
  • Pretty competitive. Really competitive. Extremely competitive. Sore loser.
  • Has already "published" her first book, Snow-capped Fire, and her second book So Close is going to be published sometime in June :D
  • Likes designing stuff. A lot. Da Vinci and Van Gogh.
  • Has her own language, so sometimes people can't understand what she's talking about.
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