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Star Thalergeld

Star Thalergeld is a 2015 introduced and all-around character. Star is the daughter of the unnamed orphan in The Star Money which was collected by the Brothers Grimm. Star sides with the Royals in the destiny conflict due to knowing her parents will die, feeling she can't let their sacrifice go unknown. She believes that by living out her destiny she can honour their deaths.



Star, to put it simply, shines as if she were a star herself. She's fun, bubbly, and always has something to say - though she often fails to think before she speaks. Star is incredibly passionate about her destiny and has been excited about it ever since she was a child. Her passion about her destiny has also resulted in a passion with the stars. She finds the stars to be simply gorgeous and could tell you exactly what constellations were in the sky at that moment (if it were night). Similarly, Star also loves astrology. 

The young girl also enjoys taking care of her appearance - hair, beauty and her clothing are all very important to her, leading some to write her off as materialistic. This isn't helped by her eagerness to fulfill her destiny (which involves getting a large sum of money). Star doesn't particularly like the fact she's written off as shallow and materialistic and plans to use her future money to not only buy the most amazing fashions this side of the milky way, but to donate to charities and worth while causes. Her story is about being generous, after all.

Star is not afraid of a challenge and tries incredibly hard at nearly everything she does. In her opinion, there is no point in doing a job if you aren't going to do it properly. This attitude ties into her desire to keep on top of her school work, which she does a lot of. She's often called upon to help others with their work, something she is happy to do - though, considering she finds it hard to stray away from what shes used to, expect it to be done with her own little touch (that is to say, expect it to be done in a manner that is fun, quirky and always slightly OTT). Unfortunately, this does result in her having very high expectations of herself, meaning she frequently gets upset when not meeting her own high standards.

Furthermore, Star is very sentimental and has a habit of creating bonds with inanimate objects. This results her almost never throwing stuff out. Her thronecoming gift is a good example of this, as it now never leaves her purse. Her sentimental side seems to hint that Star might not be as happy as she says she is, or that she's at least very troubled by her future.

Powerful Qualities

Following the late 2015/early 2016 rebranding, Star was given three qualities that make her powerful. These are listed as PassionateDedicated, and Generous.


Star is slightly smaller than average, with round blue eyes. Her hair is an odd mix of grey and brown, which nearly always has a moon clip in it. It's usually gently curled. Star also has yellow toned pale skin.

Her makeup is pretty over the top - her eyelids have pink fading to white onto them, accompanied by pale pink lipstick. On her cheekbones, cheeks and generally around the eyes she places lots of sparkles and small star sequins - her destiny is important to her, which is why she tries to incorporate it where ever she can.

Fairy tale – The Star Money

Main Article: The Star Money

How the Story Goes

A young orphan girl sets off into the woods to find a better future for herself. Her only possessions are the clothes she is wearing and some bread. In the woods she meats many people who need the things she has - she gives her food away to a starving man; she gives her hat, jacket and dress to three other orphans; and finally gives her smock away to another child.

Nightfall comes and the child is left with nothing. As if by magic, the stars in the sky fall to earth and become money. She is now also wearing a gorgeous dress made of the finest fabrics. The story ends with the orphan girl collecting all the money.

How does Star fit into it? 

Just as her mother before her, Star is expected to go into the woods and give up everything to get money - something Star is happy to do. To many, Star's eagerness to follow her destiny comes off as her being selfish, as if she were desperate to get the money. Though Star admits the money is nice, it's not her reason for following her destiny. Star knows her parents have to die to allow her destiny to happen and she wants to honour them by living the story out just as they had. Her story isn't well known either, putting her in a position where she feels like she is the only one who can honour and remember her parents. This puts her on the Royal side of the Rebel / Royal conflict.



Star is very, very close to her family, and it's her main reason for follow destiny. Her two parents love her very much and she constantly writes to them, calls them or otherwise speaks to them. The family consists of just her, her mum and dad.


Being a social butterfly makes it very easy to make a variety of friends. Star is acquaintances with most people and friends with a few. Considering the previous generation of family all has to die to help the story continue, Star's family is very small. This leads to her forming bonds with people where she sees and treats them as if they were family.

Opaline Glass is her roommate. Though they got off to a rocky start due to their opposing sides in the Rebel / Royal conflict, the two have come to understand each other a great deal. Star sees Opaline as a sister.

Quinn O'Kane is another close friend. The two originally met when Star ran into O'Kane at the beginning of their first year at Ever After High. Seeing that Quinn didn't fit in and obviously felt bad about not fitting in (party due to his outfit), Star took him under her wing and offered to help, taking him to Opaline for a new outfit. The three, along with Obsidian Tunnel . Have been a close quartet ever since.

Astrid Nordmann is another close friend of Star's. 


Star has a pet hedgehog called Luna. The name was suggested by Opaline, under the impression the hedgehog was female. He's not. Despite protests from Opaline, Star refused to change the name.


Romance is not a story element in Star's story, so she has little to no interest in romance and finding a partner.


Star's main motifs in her outfits are moons, stars and money. This is usually paired with a deep blue, light pink, white and yellow. Her outfits generally have some element of sparkle, and often feauture childish silhouettes like a cupcake-line skirt.

Art Doll Line

Signature - Royals

Star's basic doll features a deep blue cupcake silhouette skirt and corset-style top. Her outfit also features loose sleeves that aren't attached to her dress. The corset portion of her top features detailing that looks like constellations. Her corset has pink ribbons across the front, which match the pink of her tights. The tights ombre from pink at the top to white at the bottom.

Her shoes are silver with yellow details. The yellow on the shoes matches a star in her hair and her yellow moon shoulder bag.

She has big blue eyes, pink eyeshadow and lots of white, iridescent stars painted around her eyes.


Legacy Day

Star's Legacy Day outfit is a beautiful high low dress, with a white bodice and a dark blue skirt. The skirt is filled with many layers of soft, flow-y patterns, giving it a bit of a poof. It's also covered in little diamonds and embroidered to look like constellations in the sky. Her loose sleeves that aren't attached to her dress match the skirt, in both style and colour.

A headpiece of golden stars sits on the left side of her head, matching her golden and white shoes. She also has sparkly pink tights.


School Spirit

Star's School Spirit outfit was meant to look like she'd been showing some school spirit at a school decathalon.

Her outfit features a button-up shirt with a red grid pattern all over it It's largely covered by a purple sweater vest, which feautres both a school crest pin and a star shaped pin. She wears a grey pleated skirt and some white tights. Her shoes are red with star detailing on them and she wears a pair of legwarmers over the top. She comes with a 1st place rosette and a clipboard and pen. In this outfit, Star comes with some black glasses and her hair is clipped back with a star hair clip. It's one of the few dolls to deature Star with straight hair. 


Dragon Games

Star's armor for Dragon Games is largely bronze with silver detailing. Her armor consists of a torso piece and a piece that falls over her shoulders. The piece on her shoulders is comprised of many silver and gold stars connected by bronze connections, made to mimic the way constellations are often drawn. Her boots are near knee length and are similar in style.

As with most in the collection, Star also has a head and arm piece that match her armor. The headpiece is a delicate bronze circlet that lays across her forehead, shown off by the fact her hair is in a high curly ponytail with her bangs pinned back.

Star's leggings are her usual dark blue with metallic silver stars all over them. Underneath her torso armor is a long, white sleeved top. The top flows down at the back creating a train, which is slightly transparent and has silver details that depict constellations.


SDCC Exclusive - The Star Orphan

Star's SDCC Exclusive Doll depicts what would happen if Star followed the destiny she was meant to. Her dress is surprisingly simple in comparison to a lot of other SDCC dolls. Her diary says that this is the moment the stars rained down from the sky and became money - complete with a spectacular dress upgrade. She has a loose white, empire line dress. It has long, loose sleeves that tie around her wrist and a high collar. The dress looks almost like a Victorian nightgown and reaches her knees.

Her outfit comes with a thin cape which transitions from a dark blue to a transparent colour. The cape is covered in sparkles and has embroidered details to look like the stars and moon, and it has little golden coins and stars attached to the end of it, which trail on the ground. The coins and stars can be found around the edge of the hood too. The cape is secured with a small, golden clasp that looks like a coin with two stars on either side.

To top off the outfit, Star has a circlet headdress. The piece is golden and has a small star hanging down in the front.

The outfit comes with no shoes or tights, as it was meant to look like she'd just been walking through the forest.


Glass Forest

All above art (c) me.

Class-ic Schedule 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period 1 Free Period Free Period Grimmnastics Hexonomics Hexonomics
Period 2 Free Period Science and Sorcery Environmental Magic Free Period Crownculus
Period 3 Grimmnastics Magicology Free Period Muse-ic Crownculus
Period 4 Environmental Magic Magicology Free Period Muse-ic Free Period
Period 5 Geografairy Creative Storytelling Creative Storytelling Free Period Free Period
Period 6 Chemythstry Free Period Chemythstry Geografairy Science and Sorcery

Currently Star attends no clubs, choosing to focus on her subjects and their homework. She's incredibly hard working in school, so has a high FPA (Fairy Point Average). Star achieves A's in all of her subjects except Geografairy, where she receives a B. 


Shining like a star!
Star's Tagline


Everything has tropes; here are some of Star's:

  • Innocent Blue Eyes: Young with noting but good intentions, Star's blue eyes only highlight her innocent look on the world.
  • Light Feminine Dark Feminine: Star is the light to Opaline's dark. Star is an small, light hearted and somewhat childish dreamer; Opaline is a down-to-earth cynic. Their basic outfits do a good job of showing the contrast, with Opaline wearing tight fitting dark outfits and Star wearing poofy dresses with lots of sparkle.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Opaline's blue - in contrast with their colour schemes.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses: Star's School Spirit
  • School Clubs are Serious Business: In Astrid in the Sky with Clubs, Star campaigns hard to get her friend's club established.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: Stars and money.
  • The Ace: Star is smart and she knows it.
  • The B Grade: Star's high expectations of herself mean low grades don't go down well... with herself.


  • Star's birthday is on the 28th of November, making her star sign is Sagittarius.
  • Star's mother's surname was Thaler, her father's was Geld - when they had Star, the two decided to combine their surnames.
    • Thaler is an old European currency (mentioned in the original story) and geld is the German word for money.

Miranda Kerr, Star's face claim.

  • Star has autism.
  • Appearance wise, Star looks to similar to the Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr.
  • In the hypothetical situation she went to Hogwarts, Star would find herself placed in Hufflepuff house. Though she is smart and thinks learning is important, she only does these things through loyalty to her story. She also values hard work heavily.
  • In a Homestuck AU, Star would be a Maid of Light.
  • Star writes everything with glitter pens. Everything. 
  • Star's usual tag/name/url on social media is ShineBrightLikeAStar

Further Reading


  • 1st July 2015: New character art is leaked.
  • 2nd July 2015: Trademarks for Star Geld, Star Thaler and Star Thalergeld are requested.
  • 20th of August 2015: Creator addresses leaked art, confirms the character is called Star Thalergeld, along with new art.
  • 5th of Sept 2015: Star’s profile is revealed.
  • 13th of June 2016: Star's Mirror Blog is launched.
  • April 2017: Star won the Ship of the Month award.


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