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This chapter will be split into two parts: Todd's Story and Meg's story. Both parts feature the deviation from the current timeline of EAH.

Part 1: Todd's Story

Characters: Todd Blanc-Charming, Valiant Blanc, Lydia Charming

Todd sat anxiously by the door, waiting for his parents to come back. He saw what had happened at their convention on the News and heard Aunt Roseline and Uncle Harrison talking about it late last night, but no one in the family knew if Lydia and Valiant were still alive.

Todd was either going to see the fact of his loving parents or someone delivering very terrible news right about…


The guards of the castle opened the doors, to reveal Todd's parents (clearly stress and certainly not having their best day but still his parents), suitcases in hand and worried smiles plastered on their faces.

“Mom! Dad!” Todd said, standing up from the chair and rushing towards his parents. They were gone for less then a week, but Todd had missed them dearly, especially with the possible revelation that they could have been dead.

“Toad!” His mother, Lydia, said as her young son wrapped his arms around her and her husband.

“Hey kid.” Valiant said, shuffling Todd’s hair in a very fatherly like fashion.

“I missed you two so much.” Todd said.

“We did too.” Lydia said with a smile. "I'm so happy we're able to see you again." She said

So that was that. Nothing big happen. No one cried, no one mourned, no one locked themself in their room, no one changed forever that day. It was just a normal Saturday like the one last week and the one next week. People came to forget that date, just becoming a random memory of theirs that they rarely thought about. Just a day in the life.

Lucky them.

Part 2: Meg's Story

Characters: Megan Diamonds, Magnolia Charming, Roseline Diamonds, and Harrison Charming

it will be longer i swear

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