You really don't know me until you know me.
Heyo, I'm Cassandra, but you may call me Cass or Cassy. I'm from Montana, which is famous for having the kindest people ever. (WARNING SARCASM OVERLOAD) I like neon green, anime, and being so unique that you can say "WHAT THE F*CK IS THIS THING?" And also, I obviously love Ever After High!

Don't Edit Me. Unless you're an admin, then feel free my Queens/Kings!

About Me

Birthday: November 13th, if you forget the cake then...ER.

Star Sign: Scorpio, this means that you must give into my every command. KK? KK. :)


Favorite Food: I eat anything and everything. Except Orange Soda.

Favorite Drink: Orange Soda >.< I hate Orange Soda. Orange Juice.

Favorite Excuse: I have a mental illness called "Crazy"

Age: 13+

Species: RAINBOW

Favorite Number: Googol.

Powers/Abilities: I can annoy people to death! ;)


I'm a little solitary before you get to know me and I'm always desperate to make new friends. Due to my shyness, I have slight trouble making friends because not many people care to approach me. I'm a little hard on myself and tell myself that they'd hate me so I just don't speak until spoken to.

I am actually extremely outgoing once you become familiar with me. I love being nice to people and just having fun with all the incredibly friendly members of the wiki. I am actually very protective over my friends because I know what it's like to be teased/bullied and love to know my friends are safe. I look for kindness, a sense of humor, and just overall awesomeness in my friends and I have found many people who have these features on the wiki.

I'm pretty smart, but wish to continue growing smarter. I get pretty good grades in every class and take advanced classes. I love to know stuff and read to learn more stuff. Reading is great to me and I love writing as well.

I like anime and try to draw in anime/manga style a LOT. I fail. But I try! I love drawing in general and own some how to draw apps on my phone/tablet/ect. I'm still practicing because I lack in very good skills but have faith that I'll learn.

Enough about me.

My OCs

  • Xandra Taika - I still love her. She's someone I really connect with for some reason. I love her insanity.
  • Zonta Malatesta - I adore Medea, it's fun to mess with her.
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