Do not go gentle into the good night. Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.
Swords in the Grimm-Dark is an Alternate Universe Fanfiction written by DatAsymptote.

The media in which Swords in the Grimm-Dark is based on is Blades in the Dark, a really fun tabletop RPG. Many names, objects and lore will be taken from this setting, but hopefully information on this page and information in fic will not make the transition in setting too frustrating to deal with.

While names will be taken from "Blades", most of them will be punned in an EAH-sque way to maintain integrity to our OCs. For instance, the city of Doskvol (Duskwall) becomes Deskwald. 

Swords takes place in this city, in a universe where, a generation ago, the sun was extinguished. Since then, ghosts have sprung from dead bodies, and the sea has become an inky black from leviathan demons that have sprung. Vampires can roam - their skin no longer burnable. With little natural light for photosynthesis, mushrooms proliferate as the main vegetable source, and all technology is powered by this magical substance called "electroplasm", harvested from leviathan blood itself.

What is Deskwald?

The setting, as told by crematorium technician and mortician Mark Juniper.

The bells always toll when a body is found dead in Deskwald. Spirit bells, they're called, and each ring alerts dark crows that circle the roofs. Soon, the Spirit Wardens come, faces hidden in masks that make them look like the crows themselves, as if they were attuned to one another. Like a gift, like a bouquet of roses, they will wrap up the body, complete and bundled. And as roses are cut to die, the bodies shall be taken to the crematorium. There, dissolved in electroplasm, all is destroyed: the hollow shell, the spirit within, so that a ghost of that person will not haunt the city.

There are few roses here anymore. There are few flowers at all. We know that plants -- and angiosperms are plants -- feed on light, and the once-consistent light-source, the sun, has been gone.

I am lucky to see some flowers, working in the crematorium. No institution is an island after all. The crematorium works closely with the Academic Departments of Deskwald Academy. With electroplasm, they power lights: red and blue to make the flowers bloom. But it's not for aesthetics, merely the necessity to produce crops on an industrial scale.

Out of all departments, the Medical School is dearest to the crematorium. After all, it takes one to three days for a body to become a ghost. I've heard that the medical students have learnt to become speedy when it comes to cutting corpses.

Corpses… corpses, not cadavers. In the books, instructions on preparing cadavers have been laid out, supplemented by hand-drawings. But there's no time for that now. Ever since the sun went out, we’ve grown up dealing with ghosts.

How long has the sun been gone? It was before my time. My mother speaks of it sometimes: she talks of how cracks in the streets turn beautiful with wildflowers pushing through, how the markets were filled with fresh produce grown from family gardens.

"Mark," she said. "Back then, a trip across the sea was not a voyage. It was a cruise."

I've never seen the sea, but I hear about it.

When the sun went, the leviathans came. Massive demons who have swarmed the sea, turning it inky with their presence. No one has seen one, but their blood has been drawn -- it's filled with electroplasm, to power our electric city.

Instituion Characters
Law and Order

Deskwald may be the largest, most influential city in the region but it is not the only one. Handling politics can be messy and tough, just like how the city is.

Public Services
  • The Spirit Wardens are people who wear plague doctor masks, and harvest the dead to send to crematoriums. By disposing their bodies, they help prevent people from becoming ghosts.
    • Mark Juniper is a technician and mortician at the crematorium.
  • Anthony Faeritas runs several volunteering organisations, with the goal of reducing human suffering.
  • Leviathan Hunters gather the electroplasm necessary to power the city and to produce what light they have.
  • Is engineering labour? Antigone Crawford works at the electroplasm plants.

Deskwald is home to many academic institutions.

  • Airmid Valerian is a well-established physician at the Medical School of Deskwald.
  • The Church of the Ecstasy of the Flesh is an extremist anti-ghost organisation, that runs primarily off donations and indulgences.
    • Matrimona "Mona" Martínez is a high-ranking clergywoman at the Church, and enjoys almost unrivaled control over a large percentage of the donations. On the down-low, she also holds several ties to Deskwald's Underworld, and owes many debts to some very prominent crime lords.
  • Sage Idason works at some religion thing that's not the church of the flesh
The Underworld

Given Deskwald's corruption and wealth instability, it has a live and active underground.

  • They say that there's a group called The Court, who is part of another active criminal circle. Reina Maledi is said to lead it, but it is unknown yet what they do.
  • idk but the underground do love Gun Fawkes
  • Quinnifer "Quinny" Vak is the Governor's kin, and therefore maintains a noble status. She holds no office herself, however.
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