Think small and angry. a social introvert, perpetually tired and I do a lot of yelling and ranting.




Attending EAH

Charmaine Lexwington she's short and insanely attractive but also very hot-headed

Aisley Hazelwood "give him happiness" "no"

Candy Redmond she didn't sign up for this.

Winter Snowford not as cute as he seems

Blaze Smert please save her

Not Attenting, but important

Charisma Wandhelm- Min's mum

Jace Wandhelm- Min's dad

Avenant Wandhelm- Min's younger brother

Lenin Marx Lexwington- he's an arrogant little shit

Seneca Lockeset- siren bab, only exists because he's Lenny's boyfriend

Tiffany Lockeset- Seneca's sister. Can't believe Lenny actually has friends.

Aspen Hazelwood- Aisley's older sister. Makes medicine for a living

Not really important, but they exist

Alix Lexwington- First Fairy in Prince Marcassin, Lenny's older sibling.

Amber-Evelyn, Chase, Nicholas and Donovan Wandhelm- Min's cousins

Lilian- Aspen's girlfriend

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