Hi! 💗 I'm Tay (they/them), I've been using this site for a pretty long amount of time. In recent years I've been less active than I would like to be as a result of things like life and whatnot. Despite this if you do have me on discord I would always be happy to talk, about ocs or whatever really, I enjoy chilling with people a lot.

Having taken a complete 180 from my self from a few years ago, I now spend most of my spare time cultivating a lovecore aesthetic and throwing love around like confetti. Please disregard anything and everything you knew about me pre-2019 because I am no longer in my emo phase, I have graduated to sophisticated goth almost-adult.

Likes, Interests, and Hobbies

Art is probably my primary hobby although I can't spend as much time drawing as I used to be able to, because apparently old people have responsibilities such as getting good grades and not failing out of school. This said I still do draw a lot. I enjoy reading as well, but I don't read novels as much as I now read various articles on lord know what, whatever's on the front page of the New York Post, I guess. It's a gamble as to how much I know on any given topic.

I write occasionally too whenever a sudden bout of inspiration strikes me like a rolling pin to the back of the head. Baking is another hobby of mine, whatever I do make is usually ill-fated in terms of appearance but I like to think that the things I make at least taste pretty good. My primary motivation in baking is my intense love of making things, and also because cake is otherwise not a readily available commodity in my house.

I also!! Despite my numerous complaints about school!! Really enjoy learning!!! I especially enjoy hearing about other people and what they've learned. Passionate people make me happy. I love things like psychology facts and chemistry (don't listen to me when I make fun of psych and chem students) and physics and literally anything I can get my hands on.

Contact and Links



Discord: My tag changes, you can grab me as a friend off of the FFC discord

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