This page was for {{{1}}}. They can now be found at {{{2}}}.


This template was specifically designed to be used on pages where the character historically existed on our site, but was forced to move off site after the mythology rule change. Using this template allows users to find where they are now located easily.

Please note: When used for the above purpose, the character's page must be used entirely as a redirect. We also do not permit the posting of characters who do not fit our rules, regardless of if the page is used as a redirect to an offsite link. All new pages posted to our site should comply with the rules at the time of their posting.

Code & Preview

Copy and paste this:

|the page the redirect is on|their location now}}

To see this:

This page was for the page the redirect is on. They can now be found at their location now.


To use this template, insert the template.


Then, after the name of the template, but before the closing brackets, take a line and add in a tally mark.


Write in the name of the page you are currently on. I've used Jasper Raiden as an example, as that is who this tempalte was originally made for.

|Jasper Raiden}}

Add in another tally and follow that with a link to where they are now. This one links to Jasper Raiden on the Mythology Wiki. If you have not posted your character their, you can link to your tumblr, deviantArt, instagram, or wherever you have their details now stored.

|My OC|[ The Ever After High Mythology Wiki]}}
This page was for My OC. They can now be found at The Ever After High Mythology Wiki.
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