You might not be the apple of my eye, but you're the tomato of my heart
2009 me, that shipped APH Prussia with Spain. Look it was simpler times as Spades said
hope has 1 mood and its spades no

TheLuckyKira is a 21 year old, also known as Hope who got dragged into EAH by Spades, their best friend. They come from Scotland and although EAH isn't their main fandom they enjoy it a lot. It's growing on them. They also have a tabby cat called Rain.



Hope is a quiet person, till you get to know them, and then they'll talk your ear off about something they love.


Dangan Ronpa

One of their other fandoms that they create OCs for, they love talking about this and also plan to mod groups again in the fandom. Currently they roleplay in the fandom.


Another fandom they love, they have 10 OCs already for this! They enjoy talking about this, and wish to roleplay this in the future.

Video Games

They love so many video games, including League of Legend, World of Warcraft and many others. They play on Steam mostly and are always looking for new people to play with!


Average height, with dyed red hair, they also wear far too much red.


  • Their birthday is the 26th of May, meaning they are a Gemini and their birth stone is an emerald.
  • Their favourite colour is red, and honestly wear too much of it that it clashes with their red hair.
  • Their favourite EAH characters are Cerise, Madeline and Lizzie.
  • They collect Cerise dolls but only have two so far.

Their Art

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