ThePowerPuffKittie or RIleyRockette52 and 54 on Deviantart,whose real name is Sable Hall,is new here on the EAH Fandom.


Sable doesn't really like being called an air-head.She seems to have a vendetta against people who bully her family,abusive people,animal abusers,and people who think it's funny to toy with her emotions and flirt with her.Sable is basically the human Shadow the Hedgehog....with a bit of Chip (from Sonic Unleashed) in her.She's got a feral kitty streak and isn't afraid to let it out.Her starsign is Leo and once read from a calendar about StarSigns that,"People shouldn't cross the lion's path".This probably references Leo's.She also states she's a "cat who wants to run with the big dogs".This describes her old dog George,who liked to hang out with cats.

But...we wish that was the case.In reality,she's a very kooky girl.And a bit of a klutz.She does have a bit of a temper.Sable purr-fers to refer to herself as "half and half".Meaning,she's half tomboy and half girly girl.She loves chocolate and enjoys making new friends.But new frienda aren't so easy to come by if you're her.She can also be very cheery and optimistic,well,once you get past her mixed up speech pattern.Now where's a fluffy kitten?

Original OCs

Kuroten Neko:Daughter of Japanese Cheshire Cats(They live in a Japan-like part of Wonderland,and yes,I did create Japanese Cheshires)
,Rebel Kitty Wonderland:Daughter of the Duchess from Alice in Wonderland
,Rebel Chloe LaBake:Daughter of the Cook from Alice in Wonderland,Royal
Loretta Bear:Daughter of the Three Bears from Goldilocks and the Three Bears,Royal
Macie Wonderland:Daughter of the Duchess from Alice in Wonderland

Patricia Tower:Niece of Rapunzel,Neutral

Annabelle Coleman:Daughter of Little Ann from Where the Red Fern Grows

David Coleman:Son of Old Dan from Where the Red Fern Grows

Nato Buzz:Son of the Fly from the Spider and the Fly

Selena Widow:Daughter of the Spider from the Spider and the Fly

Georgia Flame:Daughter of the Little Match Girl

Katrina Crane:Daughter of Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Robert van Winkle:Son of Rip van Winkle

Marilyn Hubbard:Daughter of Old Mother Hubbard

Gemma Goodway:Daughter of Gerda from the Snow Queen

Chrysta Tyv:Daughter of the thieves from the Snow Queen

Favorite Characters

Here is a list of her favorite characters from different franchises.

Lately,she's taken a shine to the joke character Fukua from Skullgirls. She doesn't really mind the fact that Fukua is intended to be an April Fools Day joke.


"I've eaten four hour old pizza,I'm not fancy."

"If I did,I'd be dead."

"Mom!If they ever make an Ever After High Activity book,get it."

"My chocolate!"


If she were to attend Ever After High,she would be a Rebel.No use egging her into something she doesn't want.Trust me(since I am her),it's not gonna work.

She can somewhat speak Riddlish.