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hello, everyone! I'm wisey, previously known as wiseunicorn. I'm a helpless oc creator, fangirl and artist.

deviantart | tumblr | pinterest | twitter

About Me 

nicknames: you can call me wise, wisey or even mom, who knows :D

age: only 19, but my mind is older

gender: female

nationality: brazilian!

interests: trying to speak english with all the different accents I've heard in my whole life as I clean the house and generally get in trouble with the r's; creating ocs; caring for my kids...

what do I do with my life: I'm currently studying to be an elementary teacher! <33

quote: "no more toxic relationships, only toxic by britney spears"

eashona: wise g. glenwood, daughter of a fairy godmother and an elf from the enchanted forest

what I'm into

  • musicals
    • mostly hamilton
    • and also les mis
    • phantom!!
  • old movies
    • gone with the wind [heart eyes]
    • the sound of music
    • seven brides for seven brothers
    • mary poppins
    • the wonderful wizard of oz
    • star wars uwu
  • marvel & dc (mainly marvel)
    • the avengers yo
    • guardians of the galaxy
    • spider-man (especially into the spider-verse)
    • ant-man (love love love him)
    • the hawkeyes in general
  • art
    • drawing
    • writing
    • painting
    • literature
  • rpg
    • dungeons and dragons
    • honey heist is pure gold
  • vintage stuff
  • the colour pink
  • vines and memes
    • bug memes especially

original content

I've been revamping my ocs, but you can check them here: TheWiseGnome/Characters <3

and also some eventual brainstorming! TheWiseGnome/Upcoming Content Brainstorming

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