Quotation1 Say your vows, my dear. Quotation2
The Azul's personal quote


Personality and Skills

The Azul, or just Azul, is the aromantic and sassy daughter of The Bluebeard.

She is a bit of a feminist and believes strongly in women's rights. That said, she still enjoys boys company as much as she enjoys girls's.

She loves to sass everyone and complaining and bickering are her favorite sports. She always talks her hips out and knows how to be really provocative and even seductive.

Being aromantic, she hates "romancy-fluffy-icky-stuff" and the way most girls define the word "love".

Despite all of that she is very sensible and understands others "stupid and mushy things inside they call feelings.".

Her hair is the most important thing ever-after and she is ridiculously protective about it.


Azul is a girl with brown skin, black eyes and, well, blue hair. She is average height and her curls reach her knees. She has peek-a-bangs covering her right eye.

Original Story

Check this for the story.

From The Bluebeard to The Azul

  • She has her father's persuation abilities.
  • She has the terrible ability of telling everyone what not to do, which makes people do exactly what she said.

How Does The Azul Come Into?

The Bluebeard's started faking their deaths in order to keep the lineage and so did her father. He got his last wife pregnant and only after she gave birth did the whole "do not look into the room" thing. 



Her mother died when she was almost 1 month old so, she is daddy's girl and would never do anything to disappoint him.


She accepts anyone who doesn't come with lovey-dovey stuff onto her.


She has, ironically, two doves named Hate (male) and Disdain (female).


Being the next The Bluebeard, The Azul can't give herself the luxuries of dating or hooking up, not that this upsets her.



Her everyday clothing is a short blue off-the-shoulder dress with orange/blue ruffles on the skirt and an orange corset with little bows over it. She wears orange and blue heels. She is farsighted thus needing glasses, she wears light orange hipster ones and has dark blue braces.

Legacy Day

She wears a long blue dress with a fake-furred wrap on her arms. Being a special day, she wears her contacts.


Quotation1 So what if I'm gonna kill my husbands? Hearts's gonna yell to and beahead everyone and nobody says nothing. Quotation2
Azul when people question her about her about her morals
Quotation1 "Do not go into the woods", I vow some relative of mine said that. Everytime I tell people what not to do, they do. Quotation2
Azul talking with Cerise about her story
Quotation1 My full name is THE Azul Beard, the THE is very important. Quotation2
Azul explaning why she always introduce herself as The Azul


  • Her favorite food is a little Brazilian cake named "bem-casado". It means "well-married".
  • Reason Of The Name: Azul is Portuguese for blue.
  • She is the first female of the family's lineage.
  • The was born at International Women's Day, March 8.
  • She hates her sensual abilities, but needs them sometimes.
  • Shinerdiva gave her glasses and braces to show that even with them you can be beautiful (she wears braces herself).