Trying to get our act together, one scene at a time.
The Drama Kings and Queens' official slogan
The Drama Kings and Queens is a thespian society in Ever After High, also known as the school's official club for aficionados of not only acting, but theater arts as a whole: including singing and dancing. The club aims to develop the talents of fellow fairytales in hopes that the students would continue the tradition of theater and drama in their own kingdoms. The Drama Kings and Queens rarely hold auditions unless one of its core members give their blessing. If one would ever want to audition, don't be afraid to comment (below) though membership into this guild isn't guaranteed.This club was founded by Arcus^^ Rainbow small.

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The Drama Kings and Queens was a club originally established the generation of the Class of Classics, with a long line of presidents succeeding , one after another, including the Good Fairies of Sleeping Beauty, Donkeyskin, and even the Wicked Witch of the West and the former Wizard of Oz had once lead this club, with their own classical productions of Wicked and The Wiz. The club aims to develop people's passions for the theater arts and often loves to provide entertainment to those who don't exactly appreciate the arts like they do.


Meetings are held every Wednesday, unless the club decides to work on an upcoming production, in the Auditorium. Meetings usually run usually between an hour or two, usually because the club often spends time watching movie adaptations of their favorite productions and bursting into song with no recognizable source of music. Production rehearsals often run between two to four hours, merely depending on how close it is to opening night. The club is also quite infamous for its lockins wherein the club locks themselves inside the theater for an entire night.



  • Elisabella Cavalier, daughter of Belle-Belle from Belle Belle ou Le Chevalier Fortunee (also works as Stage Manager)


  • Sage Idason, son of Little Ida from Little Ida's Flowers




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