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The proprietor herself, Mrs. Lockes. (Art by Wanlingnic.)

The Flying Canoe is a family restaurant, half an hour's drive from the Village of Book End. A trip there guarantees that you'll find overpriced Canadian cuisine, a warm family atmosphere, and Mrs Lockes trying to marry her daughter off to you.

A valid Ever After High student/faculty card gives you a whopping 0.8% student discount!!! What a save!

They sponsor the EAH ice hockey team, The Frost Giants.


The wood-paneled walls of The Flying Canoe were full of pictures, every last one a well-posed group photograph: the first few came from the turn of the century and depicted the original crew of the faustian canoe, these gave way to the first family to own the restaurant (the father had lost a limb tussling with Satan and was grinning ear to ear), and then, all the generations that had owned it since. The most recent set had been of a new sort of team - the Ever After Frost Giants knelt on the ice with their hockey sticks raised triumphantly.

The restaurant has a 3/5 star rating from Magic-TrickAdvisor, a B+ rating for Fairyfood Safety, and (despite its extensive "Bacon Menu") is allegedly both Halal and Koscher Certified.

Mrs Lockes

Lisette Lockes (née Dalbec) is the mother of Blondie Lockes. She's the local mayor's daughter, and the last of the Dalbecs, descendedants of the legendary Canadian strongman of folklore. Her husband, the previous Goldilocks, lives abroad in Manchester - where he works as a realtor selling houses to animals. (His ability to open any doors helps save him time - a 'magic touch' their daughter inherited, as opposed to Lisette's super strength.)

Blondie rarely comes to visit the Flying Canoe. Mrs Lockes is aware her daughter is embarrassed of her, and tries valiantly to matchmake Blondie with every available knight, prince, lord and king who visits.

Ex-hockey captain, a shrewd businesswoman, and oozing warmth and charm - Mrs Lockes is a bundle of wiry muscle, good intentions and Quebecois-accented English.

The Flying Canoe

The restaurant is named after the Canadian myth of The Flying Canoe: A group of boatsmen pray to the Devil, asking him to take their boat home before midnight. In response, the canoe begins to shake and fly at unnatural speeds, but the men know they can't say anything holy whilst the canoe is in motion, or the Devil will take their souls. Unfortunately, one crew member is drunk, and swears "My God!", and the ghostly figure of Satan appears behind them, hunting them down in the sky...

Mrs Lockes finds the story amusing. Many of the staff have ancestors as crewmen from the flying canoe, and Mrs Lockes is prone to casually wagering with Satan for restaurant furniture. She's lost the cake display case this way, but also won a beautiful new jukebox once. It's just a shame it only plays Tom Jones' "Whats New Pussycat?" on endless loop.

Don't freak out if Mrs Lockes summons Satan and bets with him for crockery she accidentally dropped on the floor! All part of running a profitable business.

The Deviled Poutine Challenge

Tagline from the original advert.

A generations-old family recipe that Mrs Lockes may or may not have stole from Satan, the Deviled Poutine is the restaurant signature dish. Reactions to the sauce have ranged from "tastes like chicken" to "tastes like babies", but Mrs Lockes assures us that it's a bestseller for a reason.

The current restaurant record holder for the Scrambled Poutine challenge is Mdm. Baba Yaga, who finished the Poutine within two minutes and thirty-two seconds. Anyone capable of stomaching an X-Tra Large Poutine within five minutes is entitled to a "SATANICALLY SCRUMPTIOUS" T-shirt, a fifty-cent gift card, and a picture on the wall of fame.

The Deviled Poutine may not be suitable for children, pregnant and nursing mothers, and the elderly.


Staff Discount Testimonials:

"Legit Canadian food and a homely ambiance. Take your kids!" Phoebe Fitzroy,


"Had the nanaimo bars. The best dessert outside of Book End!" Giles Grimm,


"I ate here and didn't die!" Bigby Badwolf


Student Discount Testimonials:

"I cannot tell a lie: we come here all the time, even when Blondie doesn't want us to!" Cedar Wood
"🎶All you can eat salaaaad barrrrrrr~🎶" - Sparrow Hood
"Food here is expensive. But I will eating still as long as sponsor team! Mrs Locke is true comrade! :D" Mariya Moroz
"Thanks for helping us get new jerseys, Mrs Lockes!" "Go! Frost Giants!" Hansel and Johannes Brinker
"Nice :D" Alexandra Wonderland
"It would be better if you had more muffin flavors than maple syrup and extra-expensive maple syrup. IT'S ALSO ****ING 5 DOLLARS FOR ONE MEASLY MUFFIN! Oh and you need a new waiter. I can't decide which tasted worse though, the waiter of the muffin." Desi Schicksal
"This is a really nice place to come and enjoy top quality food! It'll be better if they had a muffin arrangement!" Muffy Muffington
"The stuff's here's great, so it's absolutely worth dining here despite how pricey some dishes are. I bet there's a few good reasons for that, maybe it's to cover the costs for finer ingredients, better salary for the staff and a bit on the side to help us Frost Giants with our budget. Discount's pretty useless but I don't mind." Skipper Riley
"While I don't think it's the best food, it's good though, at least they support us Frost Giants!" Gray Eis-Nubile
"The moose steak is pretty nice; good portion size and plenty of mashed potatoes. Not sure about all the maple syrup though (seriously; why would you offer maple syrup as an optional topping for fries?), but otherwise very enjoyable. Also allowed shields on the table. Very happy to support the business as the business supports the Frost Giants. 4/5 stars, would come again." Gunnhilde Rasmussen
"This place does the BEST lobster; Mrs Lockes serves it up raw if I want it, now that's what I call service. She seemed dissapointed when I told her I wisnae a prince though, somethin' about her lassie?" Ruaridh Minch
"It's really good. Service was warm and friendly, (Although Mrs. Lockes did try to get me to ask out her daughter) and I felt right at home. I highly reccomend the pancakes. They were awesome. Little pricey, but I'd rather have quality food over the Castleteria's stone-soup." Able Charming
"It's some of the best land-food I've ever had. I'm definitely coming here again, and I think I'm going to bring my friends as well." Calypso Witcher
"This place has a rather...unique selection of food. But I admit, the maple syrup and fries was actually pretty tasty." Amandine L'Isle
"Too much maple syrup, if you ask me. I wish they had more variety in food. I'm kind of annoyed that they don't have any corn muffins. Those taste waaaaaay better than maple syrup muffins." Ernesto Cedro
"The prices are ridiculous - come on, 20 dollars for a stack of plain pancakes? The diner in Book End sells the exact same thing for only 5 dollars! And this is coming from a prince!" Isidore L'Orange
"Way too expensive, plus the menu is pretty weird - this is the first time I've seen maple syrup on fries. Although the tiger tail ice cream was delicious!" Orhan Sessiz
"It was recommended to me by my Hockey teammates, and the food was good, I guess, if insanely expensive (to cover the costs of bartering with Satan, maybe?). I saw Satan while I was there... I had a minor panic attack from some of the memories his presence brought up, but he seemed pretty chill and helped me with that so that ended pretty ok, I guess. Mrs. Lockes tried to set me up with her daughter, even after I explained that I was already in a relationship... with a guy.... and wasn't planning on ending that soon... and that I'd already met Blondie but only thought of her as a friend... All in all it was an ok visit, if considerably weirder than normal. Go FrostGiants. Woo." Arion Neptune
"This is the ONLY place to come for milkshakes; the raspberry ice cream thickshake is divine. Nice work Mrs L, good enough for this demigod!" Valentino Cupid
"Awesome buttermilk maple syrup pancakes. They're really hexpensive though- something about the freshest and finest ingredients from Canada and all that. If it goes towards sponsoring our team, then I'm all in. And the pancakes are totally worth it! I kinda felt bad when Mrs Lockes asked how old my brother was and I told her he was twelve. She works really hard for Blondie." Charmaine Lexwington
"The food here was delicious, but a little overpriced in my opinion. But, seriously, it was really, really good. I've never been to a Canadian resturant before, so eating here was a fun experiance. They have the best pies I've ever eaten in my life! (And trust me, I've eaten pie at quite a few resturants.) ;)" Gracie Goose
"I really enjoyed eating here. I would definatly recommend this place for any sort of special occasion. However, I felt a little overwhelmed with how friendly everyone was towards me almost as soon as I walked into the door. Well, maybe that's just because I'm fairy shy. And then there was the incident where Ms. Lockes tried to convince me to marry Blondie... that was a tad uncomfortable. The food was also a little rich for my tastebuds. Other than that, this place is wonderland-iful." Airmé Arc-en-ciel
"My actual dad brought me here for dinner. Food's really good, but he kept talking to the hostess and making bets with her and at one point she won a moose from him. An entire moose. Maybe not a good place for quiet evening, y'know?" Georgia Skinner

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