For the last time, ladies, please do not try to stage another revolution. I understand that you are French, but please
Headmaster Grimm

massive dorks by Homiestars

The Muskeedorks are the future generation of characters from the novel The Three Musketeers. No one understands why they are named as such. They can bring the whole school down in a night if they were allowed. (Note: they aren't allowed. Grimm has to bring this up multiple times.)

The main members are the three four musketeers of the story, but honorary membership is given to the other characters in the story. There is no distinct leader of the group, just as there was none with the original Musketeers.

There are also "friends of the group," individual relationships with each member considered. These are the people who hang out with the Muskeedorks but are not part of the story.


The Muskeedorks

Honorary Muskeedorks


This is the group's interactions with others. Individual relationships with each muskeedork considered. (open for requests)


  • Destiny Claus: Anne's girlfriend. Everyone in the group loves Destiny and Anne together.
  • Brave Charming: A friend of the group with ace swordfighting skills and a preference for being around fighters/warriors/musketeers. You picked the right group of friends to chill with, Royalle.


  • The Muskeedorks won Ship of the Month for March 2018. The frontpage description reads as follows:
    • The Squad of the Month, the Muskeedorks, march their way to victory! Sharper than their swords, with wits like knives, this is the group destined to follow out the grand tale in Alexander Dumas' The Three Musketeers! Three might be a crowd, but this squad of four with three on the side is an absolute riot.
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