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If you're reading my MirrorBlog feed, and not reading my actual blog instead, then clearly your priorities are messed up.
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this is probably going be rewritten, pls bear with me

also does anyone have a netfairy account i can borrow, my brother changed the password on the family one and im still in the middle of marathoning like 12793902109183 shows

ramsey baartholomew is an incredible nerd. merlin pucking bless.

u too, orleans. im glad to call you all my bros ;u;

hexcuse me i am not the prince version of "not like other girls". i dont walk around like im superior just because im not some sort of pompous fool with his head up his arse

lmao all of you are so easily riled up. u realise @calypsosconspiracyisland, @rumirrors_onthe_wall and now this so-called @themuse arent worth ur time of day? like they live off ur attention. like, dude just dont feed the f-ing trolls, they have like 0 lives, basically theyre all just wannabe tabloids

like g o d how important is reputation to you anyway???? we're all literally just teenagers trying to get through life

your perceived sense of control is honestly so pathetic and laughable l-grimmdamn-mao

i mean, i dont think i'm a nice person. im easily jealous - now there's a start.

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