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Spades, back at it again with the probably impossible goals.

It's all very well and good knowing what happens in Ever After High as a school, but to understand the full picture of Ever After High's academics, a timeline is in order.

There are three ways to break down timelines. By release, by production, and by analysis into what makes sense in universe.

This article will cover all three and then some! This page, the main page, will feature the conclusion.

The Timeline - Release Schedule - Production Order - Analysis

Please note: "Year" refers to the year Apple, Raven, and their class are in. "Timinig" quickly sums up the relative timing of an entry. Not all entries are listed. Justifications will not be posted on this timeline, you can find them on this blog post temporarily and on the analysis section when I've completed my rewatch.

Episode/Special Timing Year
Apple's Tale/Raven's Tale Beginning of the school year. 2nd
Stark Raven Mad until (and including) Cedar Wood Would Love to Lie Assuming a chronological, linear release of Chapter One. 2nd
Catching Raven September; First week of the school term. 2nd
The Tale of Legacy Day September; First week of the school term. Friday. 2nd
The Day Ever After September; First week of the school term. Saturday. 2nd
Replacing Raven Assuming a chronological, linear release of Chapter One. 2nd
Blondie's Just Right Pre-Winter holidays. 2nd
Poppy the Roybel The day before Class Confusion. 2nd
Class Confusion The day after Poppy the Roybel. 2nd
True Hearts Day February, with True Hearts Day (the celebration itself) falling on February 14th. 2nd
Apple's Birthday Bake-off May 13th. 2nd
The Legacy Orchard September. 3rd
Thronecoming/And The Thronecoming Queen Is... Late September/Early October. 3rd
Sugar Coated October. 3rd
Croquet-Tastrophe! November. 3rd
Fairest on Ice January. 3rd
Heart Struck February. 3rd
Spring Unsprung Late March (after the 20th). 3rd
Bunny + Alistair 4 Ever After March. 3rd
Way Too Wonderland April (after the 3rd). 3rd
Save Me, Darling! April. 3rd
Rosabella's Animal Rescue/What's in the Cards for Courtly Jester? May. Assuming a chronoligcal linear release for What's in the Cards for Courtly Jester?. 3rd
Dragon Games After Way Too Wonderland. 3rd
Epic Winter Summer, before school ends. Classes are still in progress. 3rd
Tri-Castle-On June. 3rd
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