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  • I live in scotland
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is eahfw-ing
  • I am trying my best


hello! my name is spades (he/him), i'm 21 years old, and i'm from scotland. i'm an admin here, so please let me know if you need help with anything!

driver page - character list - code sandbox

about me

i've been a user of eahfw since the 4th of september, 2015, and became an admin since the 26th of august, 2016, largely thanks to being annoyingly organised and my love of lists and colour coding. none of that has changed. fun fact: pink is the best colour to colour code with.

i'm best known for my inability to type well, being scottish, astrology (???), and being a stickler for the rules.

where to find me

tumblr - pinterest
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