A collection of coding I have made for people to use. Hit me up on discord or my message wall if you have troubles with any of the code!

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Alignment Info Boxes &bonus


Royal - Rebel - Neutral - Roybel - Alt

Royal example to the left. Comes in all four alignments, royal, rebel, neutral, and roybel.

For those who don't like the bright colours, I designed a version of this in colours that match our wikia. Go crazy!

Notice!: These have been updated again. Ghost gave us permission to use their coding as a base for these new infoboxes, which we really appreciate! The infoboxes are now segmented and include all official character information EAH used gave out about their characters before budget cuts hit.

You do not have to use all the sections! Sections that are unused will simply vanish, as per usual. You may also display the powerful qualities section as any other section by filling in powerfulqualities= rather than pq1= ; pq2= ; pq3 =.

They were intended to further show your OCs alignment, so while you can use any colour on any OC page, I certainly wouldn't recommend it, as it kind of defeats the point.

The outfit tabs in the example are not automatically placed on the infobox and may be added in/taken out by adding/removing the following to the "image" section in source editor:

<gallery> image.png|Regular
image2.png|Other </gallery>

Family Trees

The instructions for using this code are here and this section is only here as an example to show you how it looks and works with different families. The code gets tricky quickly and so I think it easier if you only include family that is directly important to the OC in question, but you do you.

Example: William Darling's family

As shown on the example page:

Mr. Darling
Mrs. Darling
William Darling
Jane Darling
Matilda Darling

Example: Auliver Midas's family

The Midas family tree is Vast so I thought it worked as an intense example.

Great Grandfather
Great Grandmother
Grand Aunt
Bronze Midas
Marigold Midas
Auliver Midas
Aulivia Midas
Aurchid Midas
Auscar Midas
Aumar Midas

Example: Chelsea York's family

Chester York
Devon York
Chelsea York
Milton Keynes York

Example: Damon Gale's family

Martín Garcia†
Danielle GaleJavier Gale
Elizabeth Gale
Damon Gale

Example: Philomela Towerbird's family

Percy's father
Laraline Towerbird
Mr. Towerbird
Percy Boots
Philomela Towerbird


If you have a mythology OC you may have had to move them over to the Ever After High Mythology wiki. These redirects were designed with that in mind, allowing you to keep your page up while still letting everyone know where the OC is. I have used ShadowSpirit020's OC Jasper Rai as an example for this, as this is who the template was made for. See below for an example. Link to the template here.

This page was for Jasper Rai. They can now be found at The Ever After High Mythology Wiki.
|'''Jasper Rai'''|'''[ The Ever After High Mythology Wiki]'''}}


im trying so hard

Tabber Example: miss rebel


miss rebel is a 2020 introduced character. in the royal rebel debate, she aligns with the rebels for unspecified reasons.


  • make sure you have enough text to cover the length of any infoboxes you wish to include! otherwise the infobox will float outside of the tabber.
  • please note: the tabber does not work on mobile.
  • as seen on the contents of this page, adding headings into tabbers will let them pop up in the contents.
  • pages which use tabber and only tabber on a certain page may wish to remove the contents sction all together.

miss royal


miss royal is a 2020 introduced character. in the royal rebel debate, she aligns with the royals for unspecified reasons.

miss neutral


miss neutral is a 2020 introduced character. in the royal rebel debate, she aligns with the neturals for unspecified reasons.

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