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A To-do List that is Not of Concern, just to Remind me:

  • make damien's basic outfit digital
  • Four, Tres, Two, Uno, Uno, Two
    • The writing style is vague and dreamy, macabre turns that are pushed just barely, characters think things, but they don't let the reader in on what they feel. Clinical almost, but brighted with the sweetness of the aesthetic.
      • like that one thing you read about the orange slices, dead cicadas, and sweetmeats. All the author's works.
    • CHAPTER NAMES. 13 chapters, 4 encores, 17 things to read.
      • Vitamin D vitamins- Morning Call
        • 4 mains introduced
      • A stuck clock- A Dream Last Night
        • +3
      • The number 1- New Shoes
        • +2
      • People who are sick- Tricked by Familiarity
        • +1
      • Anything jasmine- Today, I am Feeling
        • +1
        • "Callooh callay, a frabjous day indeed, viewers! Be on the lookout for anything jasmine: soaps, candles, flowers, tea, you name it. And my, oh my, be quick, we expect a tsunami to hit Synapse with the force of baseball to skull!"
          • They leaned out of the window, crushing 3 pale pink petunias, squinting at the sun through the mint paint flakes chipping off the sidings. It was 89 degrees.
          • "The sea near Synapse dried up back in May, but who knows? Anything can happen on a frabjous day!"
          • The seagulls squawking, monochrome of their beaks drowning the creak of the old rope swing. It was tied to the old gnarled willow tree that bent over the rocky cliff, the one that died after someone lit it on fire during True Hearts' Day. The frayed knot gets tossed about by the sea daily, still thrashing about even when all that's left of the sea are the salt and the sand.
          • If you needed to think, your best bet would be to walk to the cliff and old dead willow tree, avoiding the Flowery Path, and drag up the rope. Brush the sand and sea glass off of it, wouldn't want to get your school uniform dirty, wrap it around yourself however you wish, and take a leap of faith. You'll find that it's a pleasant experience, and that the momentum of the swing is surprisingly kept through your time on it.
          • You could just swing forward and back and forward and back and on and on.
      • Dinosaurs- Let Me Ask You Something
        • +2
      • Handsoap/Kidneys- Would I Become a Cool Guy?
        • The air conditioner suddenly clicked on, the diner's humid air filling with chilling gusts, condensation forming on their green soda glasses, and crackled like puffed rice cereal. "It appears I made a mistake, but please forgive me! Don't let my viewership ratings rot and die and rot and die and rot and die! Today's daily diamond should be kidneys, not handsoap. Oopsies!"
        • Number 12 huffed. "Not all of us have the privelege of being able to discard daily diamonds willy-nilly," they grumbled. Most of the others at the table immediately shushed them.
        • The air conditioner's voice continued.
      • Any bird but turkeys- I Wonder
      • Hiding your face- Across the Street
      • Worms- A Flowery Path
      • Guitars- That's It
      • Ice-cream- The Starting Point is the Ending Too
        • "Sorry, we're making new batches of ice cream right now," Ginger bowed to their booth. "I hope you don't mind waiting, we're having trouble wrangling the ingredients."
      • Giraffes- Let's Not Believe That
      • Encore Uno
      • Encore Two
      • Encore Tres
      • Encore Four
  • worldbuilding stuff??
    • Drum Styx- underworld restaurant

posting some stuff about the eccentric fanguys (NAME PENDING PLEASE)

The Eccentric Fanguys is a school club for people interested in fandoms to gather, eat snacks, and mainly chill. At times, there will be heated shipping wars, frustratingly fun philosophical debates, questioning theory exploration, and unnecessary musical reenactments. But for the most part, everything is pretty relaxed.

Creation and History

After being relentlessly pestered by a school counselor to get involved socially, Damien Schicksal created a club for the sole purpose of not having join an actual one. Although he did receive a technical success, the counselor decided it wouldn't be a club without more than one member. So don't delay! Join the Eccentric Fanguys today!

Following the events of Spring Unsprung, Dami decided that he could get people to join the club by bribing them with food, after seeing how people loved the cooking contest. Though the bribing initially worked, everyone who joined soon left, the club gradually emptying out into it's beginning state. Which left him desperate.

However, pre-Way to Wonderland, one more person had joined, which gave Dami another technical success, though the club wasn't much of a club still. This new member did allow the club to stay a club for a little bit longer, which relieved Dami to the maximum.

Right now, the counselor has told Dami that his club is barely a club, but rather just an excuse for him, it will be shut down soon unless some actual members join, and there is actually a purpose for the club rather than just a time for him to cook excessively.


You enter the room, feeling nervous and excited at the same time. You are in love with a book series, and hope to find like-minded people there, with the same love. Instead you are greeted by a rather small but still empty meeting place. You feel that you don't belong, but neither do they. This, is the Eccentric Fanguys.
Because there are barely 5 members, it would be stupid to use a whole room when other clubs need it. Plus, our somewhat leader feels a bit uncomfortable in a super wide open space. The usual meeting place is an abandoned teacher's office that allows enough room but not too much.

Since no one uses the abandoned room anymore, the club felt free to decorate it, if not a little eccentrically. Most of the walls have been covered with random movie posters, book art, and anime merchandise. Here and there are tacked up with little post-its to help people remember inspirational quotes. Plenty of cosplay photos and fanart are tacked up.

Fluffy, brightly colored rugs cover a lot of the floor, and random beanbags are plopped everywhere. Of course there are also straight-backed chairs and spinny office chairs for when you're bored. An old mahogany coffee table hauled from a yard sale sits in the middle of the room and supports the weight of all the snacks. There's also this mini flip-TV that's pretty old and if you can get the thing to work properly you can put in some DVDs. Or, just save yourself all that trouble and bring in your own device.

In a corner sits a counter with a top made from granite. A mini-diner grill, a small toaster oven, and a sink are the only things on it, with ingredients in the cupboards. The door is in another corner of the room. A battered bookcase stands in another corner, filled with slightly less battered comic books, manga, and DVDs. A vintage jukebox is present in the last corner, ready to play whatever tune they want.

The lighting is deliberately dimmed, so it feels a little more cozy. Small candles fill the room with a natural, orangey glow.

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