aka Bel or Roybel, it really depends on you.

  • I live in The United States of America
  • My occupation is eating pineapples. Because pineapples are lovely.
  • I am Female ✿
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Hi~! I'm RoybelGirl, but please feel free to call me Bel. My current main fandom is Ever After High, though I am also a big fan of Harry Potter. If for whatever reason you want to know more about me, I do have a driver page that you can go to. Oh, and in case you are looking for my traditional art request blog, click here (though it's currently closed), so you don't have to scroll through my multiple pages of blogs to find it. c; My art request blog for digital doodles can also be found if you click here!

Thanks for visiting my user page. I hope you have a nice day! ^u^

My Dolls

All of my dolls are in their signature outfits~ :)

  • Apple White
  • Briar Beauty
  • Ashlynn Ella
  • Hunter Huntsmen
  • Madeline Hatter
  • C. A. Cupid
  • Holly O'Hair
  • Poppy O'Hair
  • Raven Queen
  • Dexter Charming
  • Blondie Lockes
  • Cerise Hood
  • Alistair Wonderland
  • Bunny Blanc
  • Cedar Wood
  • Kitty Cheshire
  • Lizzie Hearts
  • Faybelle Thorn
  • Duchess Swan
  • Ginger Breadhouse
  • Darling Charming
  • Rosabella Beauty
  • Courtly Jester
  • Melody Piper
  • Farrah Goodfairy
  • Justine Dancer
  • Nina Thumbell
  • Crystal Winter
  • Jillian Beanstalk
  • Meeshell Mermaid

My Favorite OCs

  1. Airmé Arc-en-ciel - Airmé is just so cute and I love writing about him. And I love the ship he's in. Fairmé for life. <333 He's my favorite for sure and my other OCs would have to work hard to take that title from him. :3 His fairy tale is my current favorite fairy tale as well.
  2. Gracie Goose - She was my first OC, and her personality is somewhat based off of myself, pros and cons. My shipper heart still wants her in a ship but I don't know if that's going to happen any time soon~
  3. Mousie Forest - Mousie is definitely one of my most adorable OCs. Plus, I like to write about Alaksie, because that's even cuter than Mousie is. Also... I <3 her fairy tale. It's also fun because that fairy tale is Finnish, and I have Finnish roots.
  4. Marcelle Hare - She is so fun to write about! Seriously, I love her. I'm pretty proud of her concept.
  5. Lance McChivalry - He's the son of the progestins in a fairy tale I loved when I was younger. Also, I really, really like the art Limegreene04 drew for him. XD
  6. Erin Pearl - Erin is my dramatic mermaid baby~ One of my first OCs, though she never made it onto the wiki for quite a while. And there's the fact that I write about her a lot, considering the number of fanfics me and Soren11 have written about Erin and Elka.
  7. Maiden Falsebride - She's my second OC, so yayz. I love her friendship with Gracie, it's pretty fun to write about.

You can find the full list of my OCs on my driver page.

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