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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    i made a sorter for my eah ocs! 

    if you dont know what a sorter is, its a series of choices that, at the end, produce a list of things in order from most to least favourite. zena has made one for their ocs and encouraged me to do the same, so here it is! if anyone fancies taking it and sharing the results, please go ahead. (this felt less egotistical earlier, rip)

    the sorter is hosted on tumblr but you should access it through a browser, not the tumblr app if youre a mobile user, otherwise it wont work. it works fine as is on desktop!

    of note to anyone who does do it: id just like to see the top 10, or, 15, or 20, or similar. i know a lot of my ocs will be low due to not having pages and dont think i can handle the self esteem hit that is var…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    Merry Christmas!

    December 27, 2019 by Aquamarinesandopals

    i hope everyone had a very merry christmas! the eafansa gifts are lovely this year, i hope we will be able to do a fifth exchange in 2020!

    some updates for fansa:

    1. users Patchworks Inc and TheWiseUnicorn should expect their gifts on the 31st and the 28th, respectively
    2. Artemis Donut should expect theirs ASAP

    thank you for taking part!! 

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    EAHFanSa 2019!

    November 15, 2019 by Aquamarinesandopals

    edit: all users have been sent their secret santas! please let me know within 24 hours if you havent gotten a message from me. please also note a slightly updated rule here, let me know if you have any questions!! 

    hello again! its that happiest time of year again, and we're happy to bring back our secret santa for the fourth year in a row.

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    staff updates!

    October 12, 2019 by Aquamarinesandopals

    hello! as you may have noticed, there has been a fair bit of silence on my end lately. i've been going through some mental health struggles and have been anxious to come on site.

    however, to help combat this, zena and i have shuffled user permissions around, once more.

    zena is pretty mia, i don't know when they will be back, and airy has all but disappeared too. zena has become busy with uni and while there were plans to keep in contact with zena and for them to try come on for x amount of time y times a week, they've fallen through and contact is sparse. i have no idea where airy is or what is wrong or when we will next hear from him.

    so, temporarily (though i cannot tell you how long temporarily is), your admin team involves myself, hope, a…

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  • Aquamarinesandopals

    update: have added in chapter three, spring unsprung, and way too wonderland. have revised what i stated about some of chapter two, thanks to some input from jk and patch about how America works.

    okay so i know i do Literally have a page for this already, but i'm not yet ready to post this officially and felt getting my thoughts on paper (or... page) would be helpful. i'm also using this to help me get back into the swing of editing things because i've been absent lately due to my mental health :') 

    so here is an analysis of ever after high's timeline that i will update as i watch, maybe, before converting this to a page when i am done.

    in advance: this is messy and i hate mattel

    eah's timeline is not (and cannot) be linear. sort of.

    upon lookin…

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