i made a sorter for my eah ocs! 

if you dont know what a sorter is, its a series of choices that, at the end, produce a list of things in order from most to least favourite. zena has made one for their ocs and encouraged me to do the same, so here it is! if anyone fancies taking it and sharing the results, please go ahead. (this felt less egotistical earlier, rip)

the sorter is hosted on tumblr but you should access it through a browser, not the tumblr app if youre a mobile user, otherwise it wont work. it works fine as is on desktop!

of note to anyone who does do it: id just like to see the top 10, or, 15, or 20, or similar. i know a lot of my ocs will be low due to not having pages and dont think i can handle the self esteem hit that is various ocs ranking poorly cause i dont do them justice ;A; i appreciate anyone doing it though, i dont mean to sound ungrateful! 

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