Every year, the Royal Student Council of Ever After High holds a charity competition in an effort to raise funds for student-run extracurriculars and (somewhat less flashy) charity events. The citizens of these realms far and wide purchase tickets to watch the students of Ever After High, the children of their favorite fairytales, compete in an enormous Battle of the Bands, presently accepting competitors' entries!

... theoretically, at any rate. I would like to gauge public interest in a project that I am considering, a presently nonexistent fanfiction that I am temporarily calling the Battle of the Bands AU.

The rules for application would be simple. A single form, in fact, something along these lines..

Entry form
Character Name Please insert a link to the character's page.
Instrument Whether they play the xylophone or sing back-up vocals for their band, this is where that info would go.
Band Name If your character does not yet belong to a band, I am sure someone else would be looking for another member. Otherwise, it would be fairly simple to assign the remaining members at random. ^^
Band Members List the other members of that band. If you are seeking more members, here would be the hypothetical place to put it. If your character is a solo act, that also belongs here.

In-fic, the competition would be judged by the top three bands of the previous year's competition-- in this case, Sparrow Hood (representing the Merry Men), Raven Queen, and Melody Piper. The critera would be on song complexity, band aesthetics/costuming, and, of course, crowd popularity. Realistically, the winners would likely be generated at random, with slight weighting towards bands with more developed dynamics or band members (due to technicalities and issues with writing).

Technically speaking, the majority of the fic would actually not be written about the actual Battle of the Bands event, but rather the practices leading up towards it. I would seek to have somewhere between 4-8 bands entering, first-come and first-serve. An odd number of bands would be acceptable.

This is a completely hypothetical fic-verse and it would be very character-dense, a fic with (# of bands + 1) parts. Again, I just want to see if there's any interest in people possibly entering their characters. Am I totally crazy for suggesting this? Should I open the premise as an RP instead of a fic?

Leave your comments below! Either that, or start hunting down theoretical band mates... I've fingers crossed that there will be at least some amount of interest in this! ^u^

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