Okay, technically it's three years on the wiki in 3 days, but who cares about details.

The point is i love this site, and i love all of you. I feel like I've made a lot of friends here, Jane, Neecy, Coral, to name a few, and everyone here is so nice!

Thankfully, you all were really understanding to me. (Memories of 2017 me still make me cringe). And I feel like I've grown in many areas.

When i have a question, i just ask it. When i like an OC that isnt mine, i let them know. I'm a lot more confident which is nice. And I've stopped over apologizing for everything! Now i only apoplogize if I've done something really bad, not if I've asked three questions in a row.

Thats not the only area ive grown in.


I actually finish the stories i start, for the most part. I am a lot better with rules of grammar, its kind of hard to read my old stories. I spell things correctly, again, for the most part. And i think through the plot before i start writing.

All the nice comments about my stories just makes me feel all warm inside, and sometimes its the encouragement i need at the moment.


I still say i can't draw. However, with this whole social distancing thing, ive had a lot of time to practice, so here we go


I liked tales post, so I thought I'd give it a go


1. Roxies is using her nickname, and kind of messy, though she incorporates the rose motif.

2. Timbers is kind of inspired by mine

3. Larkin's is messy and neaely indecipherable because he rushes.

4. Corina's is neat and fancy

5. Jays is nothing special

6. Damballa's is attention grabbing

7. Carina's is similiar to that if a child first learing to write

8. Mozzie's is just her first name, short and to the point.

9 opal has small and delicate handwriting

10. Mano of course wrotes out his full title

last things

I am healthy. My family is healthy. My neighborhood is healthy. My friends are healthy. For which I am thankful. But libraries are shut down, movie theaters are closed, resturaunts are shutting down...its crazy.

However if that's all that this covid-19 is doing to me and my community, I should be glad

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