So I am by far not the first to do this. Thanks Zena for coming up with the idea. Check out Nyx's , Coral's , and Sola's too!

You know how it goes. You can request a letter from any of my OC's to anyone the may have  interacted with, exes, friends, family, you get it. It can even be a request to their future children or something.

Hans Krone to Jaiden Wocky

I am not going to show one single shred of respect to you in this letter, so let's skip the greeting, shall we?

I just wanted to let you know a few things. One, i am going to tell you again that you shouldn't be here. You should be in a cage, in a zoo or something, your an animal and need to be treated as such.

Second, don't try anything wit hmy girlfriend. I dont think you'll try to get a date with her, but i just know your either going to fill her head with your evil lies and get her to believe your good and I'm not. Or two, your going to make her think she can be something that she isn't.

Lastly, inform your sister that the moment she goes crazy and kills a student, I'm calling Animal Control.

Your superior,


Hans to Ginevra Brutta


I am very disappointed in you. You've lied to me! Me! The prince who was kind enough to take you on a date and agree to be your boyfriend! You've done a bad thing honey.

I have told you a thousand times that you can't seek company with this Ace guy, and yet, I saw him smile at you!

Papa believes I'm overreacting, but I'm not. He will spoil your looks even further, fill your head with lies, make you unsuitable for any man, especially me. And do you want that?

I expect to see you early at the resturaunt tonight, dressed in an outfit i haven't seen yet, and ready to apologize.



P.S Enclosed is a new skin care routine. Try it after the date.

Hans to Ace C. Richelieu


I don't like you. You are human, and your male and your pretty well off so I don't exactly hate you. But i don't like you.

You are not a good man. I've seen you openly flirt with my girlfriend in front of me! I have told you off before and she was supposed to to. What kind of mind games have you played? Why does she like it when you flirt?

You probably dont even care about her skin now do you! Shame! I bet youve not suggested one single possible skin care routine for her. Are you blind or just stupid?

Get your act together, your not the right man for any girl, least of all Ginny. Or Blanche. Both of them belong to me.

Your better


Ginny to Dira Serpente

Dear Dira

I'm going to preface this with i did not mean to be eavesdropping on you. I tend to hear things that other people don't. Maybe it's because i dont talk much?

But i heard your call to your mother. Both ends. If i got a seventy five on a math test, I think my mother would be okay with ot because it meant my attention was apparently towards more princessy things. My mom doesnt care about grades like i do.

Anyway, Dira, I just wanted to let you know that while i understand being upset at your grade, and i maybe even see what your mother is coming from, but it's ok. I promise.

Meet me at usual spot tomorrow, k?



Ginny to Ace

Dear Ace

Please, please, please, please, please come see me tonight. Hans sent a new skin care routine for me to try, and I just know its not going to work. He's going to want a picture and then he'll be mad when I look the same and i just need someone to talk to when that happens ok?

I'm sorry that we have to sneak around. Maybe when Hans sees how good of a person you are, and how you hold no romantic interest in me, he'll let up. I hope.

Thank you for being their for me. (And thank Mozzie for delivering this letter to you incognito.)



Fauve Wilder to Opal Wicked

Dear Opal

Guess what? Luna is off campus for a few days! Something about her mother's surprise party that's kingdom wide and Uncle Luke really needs her help or something. 

So you know what that means?

Sister weekend! Completely and totally uninterrupted. I have plans. Friday night we can watch all the movies we loved ever since we were little, and stay up super late, (If you want to) and I will make sure to make caramel popcorn for you and butter popcorn for me.

Saturday, window shopping in the morning, picnic lunch and going to the art exhibition? Does that sound cool with you? And Sunday, swimming or rollerblading? Your choice.

Love you're favorite sister,


Mozzie Mousekin to Lelio Colombo



One (1) pumpkin pie that was in the Castleterria

I did not eat it. I promise. However, I don't think you're going to want it back after a mouse (me) fell from the ceiling into it. I could be wrong. If you want it back, I will give it back to you.

If not, please let me know, because I happen to really like pumpkin pie especially the ones made by you. (I happened to get some in my mouth when I landed in it.)

Do you think pumpkin pie is good for your hair?


Mano Bello-Serpente to Amorette Cupid

Dear Amorette

Thank you

Wait, it's unprincely to begin with a thank you especially considering you don't know why I'm thanking you. Can I start over? This is kind of weird for me.

How are you? How's Jaiden? How's Juniper? I'm fine and Mozzie's fine.

Okay now that the greeting is out of the picture, here we go with why I decided to write you. Thank you for not asking further when I told you I would never cut my hair or restyle it so it wasn't in my eyes. Thank you for stopping Juniper and Jaiden before they could ask why I always have one eye covered.

Thanks for giving me an excuse not to hang out with my friends because I was not up for the challenge today. 


Prince Mano Bello-Serpente

Sakura Bishop to Sakiko Bishop

Dear My Yin Twin

Congrats on your report card. Mom and Dad seemed very excited. (I of course had the common sense to show them my report card before you, so I wasn't really compared. They were happy at what I did of course, but I know they were likely to compare my C average with the occasional B or D thrown in, to yours.)

Anyway, I did talk to Eqeus today. No it had nothing to do with romance, nothing to do with the fact that I'm destined to marry him, it had everything to do with how upset he was at the notes the teachers left on his report card. I can be comforting you know?

Enclosed is a photograph I took of the sunset last night. Thought you might find it "breathtaking" and "awe inspiring" and whatever other words you use.


Your Yang Twin

Mozzie to Ventura Lass


How in the name of fairytales did you befriend me. I'm not really complaining, it's awesome your friends with me, I just, we aren't exactly alike, or even similar? How friendships happen are beyond my understanding.

But hey, it happened. I want to let you know something that will make you proud, I think. I have not been sarcastic for three days straight! (I did snark a couple of times, but you know, I'm getting there aren't I?) You keep getting on me to be nicer, and as far as I know sarcastic doesn't mean nice, so you should be glad.

I'm going to try for a week this time, but I might need a reward system or a sign that says days without being sarcastic, with a changeable number on the bottom or something. You know, to motivate me.

And fair warning, the moment I hang out with Juniper, that number will be changed to zero more likely than not.

Love ya!


Opal to Larkin Swan

Dearest Larky

Uncle Edmund called Mom, apparently he wanted you out from underfoot and asked if you could spend next week (break) over here.

Yay! (Though i will be asking you what you did the first time i see you in person.) If you say nothing, I'll believe you, your dad's often in moods.

It goes without saying that you'll be sleeping in the guestroom, Dad and Mom are even more cautious now that we are official and all that though they don'tneed to be.

I'm going to finish a present for you now, so sorry if this is short.

Larkin to Opal

Opa my Opa,

I heard Luna. She's spreading yet another rumor about you. Does she hope Uncle Garvey and Aunt Eliza will turn you out after hearing what she says? She's delusional.

Your so amazing Princess, why don't you use that smart brain of yours and come up with an equally nasty thing back to say about her?

Or let me do it. I'd be happy to start a rumor and ruin her life.

I know what you'll say, she's family and all that. But she doesnt treat you as family so you shouldnt either.

L F and A


P.S I did nothing!!!

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