Drumroll please and a fanfare...Ris is being indescive again! I have an upcoming OC, and I don't like the name I have for her right now very much. Right now her name is Maddy Mer. She's one of the Little Mermaid's sisters and a minor destiny as a Neverland mermaid.

The Options are....

Marley Maid

I don't know how I feel about this one, I like Marley, but Maid makes her sound like she's destined to be a servant

Merlena Stuepige

I like the last name a bit better, even if it just means maid in Danish

Aquaria Lagoon

I like this one but Lagoon just seems to be a bit obvious

Lagoona Never

I can't find a last name that I really love!

Vanda Soster

This literally translates to "Water Sister" (okay, water is Vand, but Vanda makes a better name in my mind), that would work if she was just destined to be the Mermaid's sister...but I don't know about her minor destiny...

Marina Jord

I have nothing to say about this other than the fact that I am not creative when it comes to last names.

So that's it! I have no name that particualrly screams at me that "This is her" yet, so I need help, and if you like the first name from one option, and the last name from another, feel free to combine them. Maybe that's the variable I need to find a name that I adore.

Edit I've chosen a name. Thanks for the help!

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