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The Stregone-Fesso's

January 18th 1980: Francesco Stregone is born

June 4th 1983:  Prunella Fesso is born

September 7th 1994: Francesco goes to Ever After High for the first time

March 30th 1997: Prunella and Francesco meet for the first time

May 1st 1997: Prunella and Francesco go on a date for the first time

October 4th 2001: Prunella and Francesco are married

Febuary 14th 2005: Ginger is born

December 21st 2005: Giorgia is born

July 10th 2010: Ginger is dropped off to live with Francesco and Prunella

July 20th 2010: Ginger and Gio meet Tony and the trio is formed!

Feburary 21st 2018: Gio and Tony try dating

March 3rd 2018: Gio and Tony break up

March 8th 2018: Ginger meets Armand

August 5th 2021; Ginger realizes she loves Armand

Feburary 14th 2022: Ginger and Armand go out on a date and Gio and Tony get back together

May 1st 2023: Tony preposes to Gio

January 3rd 2024: Tony and Gio marry with Ginger as a maid of honor, (who catches the bouquet) and Armand as best man

June 4th 2024: Ginger preposes to Armand

August 5th 2024: Ginger and Armand marry and Armand takes on Ginger's last name

August 6th 2024: Ginger blows up at her mother and demands she never seek out her company again.

August 10th 2024: Armand writes a letter to his mother, telling her why he was not going to introduce any of her grand kids to her should they have any.

September 29th 2026: Carla and Jean are born

April 1st 2034: Toni is born

April 2 2034: Toni is adopted

The Amore's

Feburary 28th 1978: Matteo Amore is born

Feburary 3rd 1986: Rosella Ravanello is born

September 19th 1992: Matteo goes to Ever After High

May 1st 2000: Rosella meets Matteo for the first time

Janurary 5 2003: Rosella and Matteo marry

April 4th 2004: Tony is born 

April 11th 2004: Rosella dies

April 13th 2004: Martina takes Tony away for his safety

January 5th 2007: Tony meets his father 

July 20th 2010:  Tony meets Gio and Ginger

April 4th 2010: Tony learns why he lives with his aunt, from Matteo

March 5th 2017: Tony realizes he likes Gio

February 21st 2018: Gio and Tony try dating

March 3rd 2018: Gio and Tony break up

March 6th 2018: Tony leaves his jean jacket at their house and Gio gains a new favorite piece of clothing

February 14th 2022: Tony and Gio get back together

May 1st 2023: Tony proposes to Gio

January 3rd 2024: Tony marries Gio,with Ginger as maid of honor and Armand as best man, and Gio wearing the jean jacket over her dress.

December 21st 2027: Luca is born 

December 25th 2038: Rosie is born

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