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    zena redraws poetry

    August 27, 2020 by DatAsymptote

    i should get in the habit of posting more of my stuff onto here! those of you in the ffc would have seen this, as would those of you who follow my insta or tumblr. but for keepsake, i decided to upload them here as well.

    it's no secret that i really really like poetry, and that i reference and quote a lot of it in my characters! go onto the page of any random one, and you'd find a poetry quote associated with them.

    just as i like to imagine my ocs existing in 'music videos' in my heads with songs i like playing in the background, i like doing the same but for poetry. i thought to further my art by doing redraws of poems, because they're often shorter than song lyrics.

    content warning: there is blood in some of these. i made sure that the cont…

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    naming dr valerian

    August 21, 2020 by DatAsymptote

    To some of you, it's been no secret that I've always been rather disappointed in how I named Airmid Valerian. There are a few reasons for this.

    • one of them is that it doesn't evidently show his story/role through name-alone. that's not a huge issue. have you seen the amount of fic i wrote for this dude? you know who he is.
    • the other issue is that over the last 7 years, godfather death became a fairytale that grew to have huge personal significance. thus, i end up feeling like there's so much lost potential in how i chose to name him, because there were cooler, more obvious, references i could have made.

    But the third and most important issue is this. I didn't always write Airmid has a trans guy - originally, I started writing him as a cis girl,…

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    basically, the prompt is: the previous generation is given an assignment to write a letter to their future successor.

    i'm going to assume that the assignment is a school assignment, that these are the teenage versions of the past gen, so they won't know who might succeed them, if they would even have kids, etc, etc.

    some of my ocs' predecessor don't have names, so you can just be [xyz]'s predecessor - that's fine!

    here's a list of OC predecessors whose letters have not been requested of!

    Parents Not-Parents
    Has Name
    • Macintosh Juniper (Icarus)
    • Marlene Juniper (Mark)
    • Coco-Beatrice Adalinda (Pythia)
    • Klaus Spejl (Klara)
    • Aedon Song (Lindel)
    • Gill Ino Sandersen (H. Sea)
    • Victor Wagner (Johann)

    • Cesare Absolute (Absolute)
    • Ti. Leonidas Albulus (Ablative)

    No Name
    • Littl…

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    Available Adopts

    July 20, 2020 by DatAsymptote

    Back in my deviantArt days, one of the things that I liked doing was looking at adoptables. I had a few saved to inspire me to make into OCs, but I didn't end up doing much with them. I think it's probably best that they go (for free) to a kind home, so this is why I have this blog.

    If you think that an adopt would make for fitting art for your OC, please comment, and I'll be happy for you to take the adopt off my hands!

    Some adopts will be part of the gallery, other adopts are in the links.

    • Adopt Number 4, art by the lovely Haneeys!
    • Witch girl with a floral eyepatch. Art by me! This character was early drawings of Miraspella die Hexe, but by the time I made Miraspella, I had forgotten about these designs.
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    I have way too many OCs to make one quiz for all of them, so I'm doing it by author/genre!

    • D'Aulnoys (published 16 June 2020)
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