Hi all! The votes from Navigation Tab nominations have been collected, and OC creators have been contacted, so we now have lists of all the finalists. Thank you for all your votes, we’ve cultivated a beautiful list of nominees.

But the time has come to vote on them. This is as simple as checking the boxes of the OCs you wish to vote for on a Google Form.

To maintain the “one set of votes per person” rule, the Google Forms requires you to be logged onto a Google account before you proceed. I am under the impression that most people should have one, given Google Docs, YouTube, etc, but if this is a problem, shoot me a message.

To confirm, the Top 10 of each alignment category will achieve a spot on the Navigation Bar. Given the sheer number of OCs nominated and creators who own those OCs, we limit two spots per creator for each alignment. This number might be subject to change.

Voting closes Feb 20, 2020


Please read the rules carefully before voting.

  1. Honour Code - please do not vote for yourself. This goes without saying, but please don't be that person.
  2. You can vote for multiple OCs, but you can't vote multiple times. This was a choice made to stop spamming - please make sure you have selected all the OCs you would like to vote for before voting as you can't change your vote once it has been submitted.
  3. The lists have now been rearranged into alphabetical order. Read through them carefully!
  4. It would be ideal if you could leave a comment once you have voted.
  5. Please be as honest with your votes as possible - do not feel compelled to vote a certain way because other people are doing so (or even because you nominated a certain way!). We want this to be an accurate reflection of the community’s feelings.
  6. Remember that in the case of a tie we will use the amount of nominations the OCs had as a guide on who to have on the tab.
  7. The winners will be posted on their appropriate tabs in alphabetical order.

Royal Voting

Link here!

Rebel Voting

Link here!

Roybel Voting

Link here!

Neutral Voting

Link here!
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