While I know that I currently have a lot of wips (pages and art) I do want to get back to writing character voices again and do something that I wouldn’t demand too much from myself so I decided to join in on writing letters. Credits to Zena who came up with the idea and you should also check out the ones by Nyx and Coral too. (And more people to come)

So choose one of my characters and someone they know whom they’d be writing to. And I’ll try to write a letter from them.

Yes, you can totally ask the future versions of some characters. You might get to see some not previously shared information about them and perceptions about their relationships straight from the horse’s mouth.

Artemisia Riddleton to Sophinx Riddleton

Dear mother,

I’m sorry for what happened on Parents’ Day. I should have asked you when Mo made the offer. I know I shouldn’t talk to strangers but I couldn’t ignore her when she was in trouble. I didn’t even know she was a fairy until she came to see me later. I thought she was like those fairy godmothers you told me about in your bedtime stories. I didn’t tell you right away in case you were busy. I felt there wasn’t much to worry about. After all she seemed really nice and she wouldn’t come over without asking. She never asked or did anything too weird and Mo really was looking forward to meeting you.

You always seem tired so I thought maybe she could help you? That was my wish and she’s staying because of it. I don’t know what she said to you but Mo says sorry for making you nervous. Is it something about me? If it is, please tell me, mom? I want to make it up to you somehow.

Sincerely, Artie Pinkstamp

Sophinx to Artie

Dear Artie, my little sunshine There are many things you’re not ready to understand. But I see now that you’re old enough, I will tell you the truth.

You are in grave danger, my dearest and I needn’t keep it from you any longer. Not when you know Pepper is not what he claims to be. For years I tried to keep you out of harm’s way. I believed you when you told me he’s not just your imaginary friend. Even now I don’t even know what he really is but it is certain he’s no ordinary fae nor spirit. I wish I could tell what Pepper wants from you if only I knew.

He’s not your friend, even if I told you to be polite and treat him as one. I wanted you to be civil but please, dear, be very alert. Just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he has really left.

You told me about Ms Mo. Frankly I was weary of her. I did not get as much time to keep an eye on her as I did with Pepper. I couldn’t let another threat to your safety pass by. Though it seems she can help us. In truth I never Pepper for myself but Mo claims that she could see past glamours and hence see him. Did she tell you that? I hope so. It’s not ideal for me to ask for her assistance but she may be the only one who can stop him. No spells, hexes nor holy things will work on Pepper. Not those to my knowledge. It appears Ms Mo has knowledge of magic beyond mine. Maybe you can figure something out with her.

Artie, my darling dearest, keep safe.

Love, Mom. Pinkstamp

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