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  • I live in the darkest parts of my mind
  • I was born on August 3
  • My occupation is nonexistent
  • I am trying my best
  • Bio i like star wars
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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    remember andria? aria quickstep and her dancing prince? yeah that's gone now.

    now we have Crescendo, which is rising charming and aria quickstep.

    • that old scene in aria's diary where she took Andrew to the secret dance pavilion? that but with rising
      • rIsing was sneaking out because renegade asked her to. aria just sneaks out for the fun of it
      • aria accidentally surprises rising (via making the vines she was climbing shiny af)
      • ok but the plot is more of them walking towards the pavilion together
    • rising, who is established to not like sneaking out a lot, starts sneaking out a lot hoping to accidentally bump into aria
    • aria starts spending at least five more minutes at the edge of the forest to see if rising would join her
    • clearly they're doing this on p…
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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    You'd be surprised how long I've actually been following this on tumblr.

    featuring Vivienne du Vallon. Obviously, I'm not the only person who interpretted the prompt as "the start of destiny "

    Since I'm three days late, I decided to incorporate to prompts into a piece ft. Renegade Charming. She used to be a Royal, but now aligns as a Rebel and everything, so I figured what could go wrong.

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    Been a while since i've seen one of these. this is an in-character interview with Vivi du Vallon. And, yes, you can ask questions too.

    Let's start with something simple. Who are you?

    You're right. This is simple. I'm the first daughter of Porthos. Well, first recognized. *wink* I'm one of the Three Musketeers. Fight and flirt extraordinaire. My name is Vivienne, but you can call me anytime.

    When were you born?

    Dani always told me I was born sometime in the spring, and mama kept telling the midwife what to do that she may have just delivered me herself. My birthday is actually on April 23, by the way.

    What do you do in your spare ti--

    Practice and train, usually. Sometimes I go shopping with Lulu and the Muskeedorks. Other times we try to teach Vic…
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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    you know what feeling when you press publish twice?

    it here

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  • Neutron Star Ignition

    I'm looking for some relationships for the renewed Portia du Vallon. I've been doing this thing were I'm taking my old OCs and revamping them almost completely.

    As mentioned in the De-spell-opment Challenge 1, Vivienne is an adrenaline junkie with literally no chill. She barges into everyone's conversations when she wants to put in her input and will help commit crimes for the greater good. She looks sweet and innocent, and maybe some part of her is, but she's largely intense and self-confident. 

    Vivi uses pet names or makes new nicknames for everyone, just like I do, and will always have a friend's back. Especially in a fight. And like her dad, she's a rager at a party. She seems approachable, and she usually is. The only issues is if peopl…

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