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    Updates May 2020

    May 27, 2020 by NibiruMul

    Hi there! I figured I'd post another update.

    I've been doing pretty good lately. It's been hard coping with the coronavirus outbreak, but I've been doing okay. Yesterday, Mom gave me a haircut. The barbershop I usually go to to get my haircut is currently closed, so I've been stuck with lots of hair on my head, but yesterday Mom figured that she'd give it a try. She isn't a hairdresser, so obviously it didn't come out the way a professional would have, but she did a pretty good job considering it was her first time doing it. The weather's been all over the place. For the first half of the month, it was surprisingly cold for May - it literally felt like winter, and we still had the heater on well into the month. (Apparently in my area, it's …

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  • NibiruMul

    I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and do so I can develop my OCs a bit. Pick any of my OCs and a prompt that you want, and I will write it.

    Credit for the prompts goes to Bugs and Hilary, and credits to Zena for starting this trend.

    Enchanted Forest - Your character heads towards the Enchanted Forest. Would they rather be someplace else? What do they like to do there?

    Just a little Nursery Rhyme - Write a drabble about your character as a kid, at any point in their childhood.

    Book End - Your character has gone out to do some shopping. What stores do they like and do they take anyone with them?

    Friends Forever After - Your character has one friend who they know they can rely on. Perhaps show how they met or just a good friendship drabble.

    Just Ri…

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  • NibiruMul

    It's been a while since I've seen a "what does X think of...?" blog post, and I really like doing them. This time I'm going to do it with Clementine Lamoureux. She's going to answer all of your questions. She's pretty honest and not always nice about what she thinks of people.

    NOTE: As of 5/26, this thread is now closed to new requests!


    1. I'd prefer that you throw only one or two OCs at me at a time. Wait until I answer before throwing another OC at me.

    2. No Next Generation OCs. Current Generation OCs only.

    3. Please link to your OC's page in the comment.

    4. Have fun!

    Well, first things first, she's a Cupid, and Cupids are very respected in Féerie. She seems awfully quiet and reserved, which is kinda surprising for a Cupid. She also has re…

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  • NibiruMul

    Being at home for quite a while, I've been trying. Today I decided to do a little interview with my main OC Lelio Colombo.

    Here we go:

    Nibs: Welcome to the interview, Lelio. 

    Lelio: Thank you. I'm pleased to be here.

    Nibs: All right, Lelio. I'm going to ask you some questions. Are you okay with this?

    Lelio: I'm fine with it. Bring it on!

    Nibs: Okay, Lelio. First question: how are you liking Ever After High?

    Lelio: It's been pretty good. I've made a lot of new friends.

    Nibs: How's your relationship with your roommate Mitra?

    Lelio: We get along great. We like to do lots of things together, like play video games, read books, go swimming, go shopping, and of course, cook. He also comforts me when I get homesick. 

    Nibs: Do you get homesick a lot?

    Lelio: A…

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  • NibiruMul

    After reading, I figured that I'd jump on the bandwagon.

    I'm going to be doing this to show my OCs interact. Pick two of my OCs (any of them are okay - even ones that I haven't shown interacting), specify who you want to write the letter and who you want to receive the letter. I will write the letter. After I'm done with one request, you can send another request. I'm not that great at writing letters, but bear with me. I hope to have a lot of fun with this!

    Hello, Mitra!

    I'm writing you a letter. I know that you are my roommate, but when I'm home you're thousands of miles away. 

    Want to know what I'm doing back home while school is on break? I'll tell you. I helped the palace cooks bake some pies for the annual charity. I also took a trip to t…

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