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  • RandomAwesome

    I have seen people making AU stories like this so I decided to make my own, basing it off of the dearly missed show known as Gravity Falls.

    Summer. A time to take a break from the hardships of school and enjoy the sun. Yet for the inhabitants of Ever After Falls, Oregon, summer will take a chaotic turn into mayhem.

    Characters Comment 2 characters at max and who you would like them to be down below or on my message wall to have them play a part in the story. There will be a few differences between this and the orginal, the major one being that everyone will be about the same age.

    Dipper- Olive Peason As the 22 year old daughter of the manager of a mattress store, Olive always had a thirst for adventure. As summer came up, Olive left the confine…

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  • RandomAwesome

    I am new here and I though why not introduce myself with this challenge. I'm using my OC, Olive Peason since.... She's the only OC I have. Anyways TO THE CHALLENGES!

    Olive Peason- Daughter of the Picky Prince and the Real Princess from the Princess and the Pea

    Olive would be a pure blood wizard. Her mother has a difficulty with performing magic so it is hard for her to proove that she is a pure wizard. Her father, who was a pureblood who wanted to marry another one, gave her mother a test to make sure she was a pure blood. Her mother needed to turn a chair into a pea. Her mother studied all night to try to figure out how to do that. The next day, she figured out the answer. There was no spell to do that. The two ended up marrying but quickly…

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