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    tale's EAH oc sorter

    June 2, 2020 by Taleart

    hello i've created an EAH oc sorter inspired by Zena's and Spades'! Feel free to try this and send your results over in the comments

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    I am sorta tired re: uploading new OCs, so perhaps it’ll be a fun alternative to work on writing instead. Credits to Zena for starting this trend, and check the other blog posts which use these prompts!

    Same process applies: send me a prompt with my OCs and I’ll write a drabble if I’m inspired!

    In retrospect, Lina should have watched where she was going. Granted, she was distracted by Carole’s blush, but it goes against a maiden's teachings to lose sight of one’s surroundings - there was a story about wolves and forests. Now she’s paid the price with a bruised tailbone.

    “Are you OK? You took a huge fall just now!”

    Surprised, Lina unconsciously grinned as she accepted the friendly hand.

    The hand fell down.

    Or rather, Lina pulled the hand and it d…

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    My exams are over and I’m going to draw to distract myself from grades SO:

    Same rules apply: requests will be closed either in a week or when I’m out of steam.

    • provide references or a description of their appearance (body shape, skin tone, hair), clothes, pose. You can link references like picrews too!
    • credit me if you post the pictures! (if the pictures are posted off-site, link my tumblr/my account on that site)
    • I might also post the images drawn in this station to my social media, tell me if you’re not comfortable with that!
    • you may request interactions, but if it’s too hard i’ll just draw the OCs separately haha
      • interaction draws will not be coloured. it takes way too long haha
    • I’ll be drawing in my personal art style rather than EAH style.
    • upd…
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    If yall didn't know, Hume's an oc whose written to subvert miswritten bad boy tropes. His trivia section had a list of informative links about toxic relationship dynamics and I decided to compile them into a blog post because it was getting too long.

    I don't think I can ever coherently write out all the issues I have with how this trope is often miswritten, so I’ll direct y’all to these links instead:

    • A succinct post on “bad boys vs jerks” tumblr
      • if you're interested in reading only 1 of the links here, I recommend this. There's just 2 paragraphs but they're so so important.
    • "Toxic Relationship Tropes which are Romanticised" theodysseyonline
      • I think this is really informative!! my issue has always been with romanticising and normalising unhealt…

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    In the course of my OC creation/writing process, I toss out a lot of ideas about my OCs and it would be a shame for them to never see the light of the day so here's a (non-conclusive, probably updated in the future) list!

    I'm a big fan of reading these sorta OC background and writing, though these info were too long to include in the OCs trivia section HAHA

    I hope y'all enjoy reading this blog post!

    You can probably find this when Addy's first uploaded, but I originally wanted to focus more on the differences between Addy in water and on land. She was supposed to be reflective and self-criticising when swimming, but forget why she felt so negative out of water.

    This would've given rise to her conflict re: swimming, since it would've been an up…

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