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Happy Valentine's!! Here are some cards :D

Adeline Light

You light up my life, Valentine <3
I’m head over heels for you Valentine, literally!!!
Dear Valentine, you make me float on cloud nine!!
  • Addy’s heart is pretty obvious: she’s loud, happy and makes big movements

Qing Ting-An

Valentine, can I unlock your heart?
I don’t just perform magic with keys, my kiss is also magic~
I can make you lose your gravity and fall for me, Valentine

Kingston Rulington

I can shine your shoes, stick myself into a hole and drown for you, Valentine
Valentine, you're my true north ⭐
Wanna explore each other, Valentine?
Valentine, by the time we’re done, you’ll be seeing stars
  • Kingston's the type to do a heart that’s as difficult to make as possible

Snatch G. Banders

You Bandersnatch my heart away, Valentine!
I’m not just a Bandersnatch in the streets, I’m also one in the sheets
Instruments aren’t the only things I’m good at playing ☻

Iris-Vivienne Madden

My heart melts for you Valentine! Or it can evaporate, if that’s what you prefer
I can follow you everywhere, Valentine!
Let’s netfaelix and chill, valentine!
  • ivy does the twin peace signs but they're hearts

Roselina "Lina" Love

Roses are red, Violets are blue, Valentine, I’ll turn into a bird for you ♡
Promise to be mine and I’ll promise to be yours, Valentine
Dear Valentine, let me show you why my last name is Love ♡

Hume Dalrymple

I can wax philosophy about you all night long, Valentine
You make my blood flow in the wrong direction ♡
I might be burn out, but Valentine you are smoking~
  • hume’s role mentions the human body and the bloodstream, so he gets an actual heart
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