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  • I was born on September 19
  • My occupation is professional whiner
  • I am confusion. why is this one Kansas but this one is not Arkansas? America E X P L A I N
  • TheWiseUnicorn

    hi guys!! how are you all? :D 

    long story very short, I've been planning on coming back to the wiki (as I got a lot of ideas and a lot of time), so here we are!

    honestly, one of the reasons I decided to "temporarily" leave this site was how I didn't feel connected to my characters anymore. I've changed so much (like, very very much), and these characters... are not close to who I am now. all of them, none excluded. 

    so I've decided to give most of them a second chance as I keep a few and revamp the ones I keep! in advance, I'm really sorry for some ships I might have to break, but I'm sure this all will make me feel a lot better about myself and will make me feel good with joining the wiki once again :D

    also, I'll be moving to a new account, T…

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  • TheWiseUnicorn

    all credits go to bugs and hilary for the prompts!

    I don't have a wise (hah) title, but long story short, gotta practice my english and my writing skills! however, please be warned: I'm not good at writing, and I'm not 100% in english, so it might not be all good aspokgo

    but following suit of the amazing people and writers on this site!! send one of the following prompts and one of my characters and I will (try to) write something!

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  • TheWiseUnicorn

    hi y'all

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  • TheWiseUnicorn

    what an edgy name right

    anyway!! coming up with new babies mean coming up with new relationships, right?? lemme introduce the new members of the wise cast (and some old pals in need of pals)! :D

    • marisha morevna - mom friend future russian tsarina and someone who constantly needs to stop her friends from doing stupid things. mainly needs friends and acquaintances, I don't think she'd be the type of gal to have enemies or anything like that. she's baby. open for roommates (oh my gosh they were roommates)!
    • natasha moroz - she. deserves so much. yeet friends at her please. also rivals/enemies would be good!! all in all, she will yeet gifts at you just because she can.
    • breadie barmbrack - she just wants tall friends to give her warm hugs and give h…
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  • TheWiseUnicorn

    Back from the Ashes!

    September 19, 2019 by TheWiseUnicorn

    Hello, y'all! It is I, Wise the Unicorn! It's so great to be finally back!!

    This blog isn't, like, an important announcement, but I would like to say that I'm finally coming back to the wiki! :D

    I was planning to come back, like, last month... But I just got started with university, which I absolutely love - though it's taking quite a lot of my time, y'know ;u; I'm learning how to manage my time with college stuff and my personal stuff and coming back to the site is something I've been wanting to do for so long :")

    I'm planning some new characters, a brand new eahsona and, of course, lots of new arts! I would also like to RP so I can improve my language skills and spend some quality time with y'all, so pm me if you're interested!

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