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Time is a game played beautifully by children.


William Darling, full name William George Angelo Darling, is a 2017 conceived and introduced character. William is the next Wendy Darling from J. M. Barrie’s Peter and Wendy.

William had to repeat his second year at Ever After High. He is currently in third year. In the destiny conflict, William sides with the Royals.



Forever young

William Darling’s tagline


In the minds of everyone he meets, William is a perfect future Wendy Darling. He is prim and proper, caring and nurturing, never a pushover, but always fair and seldom wavering. He may go along with your ideas against his intuition, but should it go wrong he will be the first to point it out and take control of the situation. In this way, William can be described as practical and utilitarian, if not an occasional killjoy.

Like Wendy, William can also be described as motherly, and ultimately as a very gentle, well intentioned person.

Unlike most “mum friend” types, William isn’t overly sweet and fussy, but rather firm and fair. He wants the best for those around him and refuses to pander or coddle, and prefers to be frank and help someone through the reality of the matter. He does all this without ever coming off as cold.

While it feels fitting to praise William for the embracing of his maternal nature, the way his nature changes how people treat him and the way William has internalised this treatment are hard to ignore.

William’s destiny and personality mean he is often assumed to be the most mature person in the room, which in turn leads to William being frequently and unfairly expected to take on the responsibilities of people around him with little thanks. It has also led to William putting pressure on himself to grow up faster than he should have had to.

It is this taking on of responsibility which lets William feel so responsible for helping the current Peter Pan, who has found himself stuck in Neverland since the very first telling of the story.

This is a lot of pressure for someone who we must remember is a child, and it only builds on the mountains of pressures William truly feels. Little digging will reveal that William works hard to maintain the unbothered, calm image he has, and that he is just about as certain as he is certainly stressed.

William fears forgetting himself and being stuck in Neverland more than anything else, and knowing this is likely what has kept the current Peter Pan stuck in Neverland is a key motivation in trying to help him; he is horrified that people would sit by and let someone continue to forget themselves for years upon years upon years.

In William’s mind, following his story perfectly is what will keep both him and his family safe from a similar fate and as such, doing destiny well is a key concern for William.

The result of this is that William struggles in situations where he doesn’t or can’t have all the information, is a perfectionist, and is incredibly punctual -- a minute late in Neverland could do serious harm, so he won’t be a minute late now. He doesn’t see how any of these things could possibly be problems and would strongly defend his fear of flying as simply logical.

At the risk of overstating the negative in comparison to the positive, it must be said that there is so much more to William than an underlying anxiety and misguided responsibility to Peter Pan.

William is an excellent storyteller with an understated charismatic streak. He knows how to time a snarky comeback, comment, or eyebrow raise, and he gets along great with younger kids. This is something the school makes use of, alongside his Royal tendencies, to orient and advise incoming First Years.

As kids tend to, these students probably have the best assessment of William that anyone could.

For them, William can serve as a familiar, comforting face in a scary world. He is someone who will help them find strength amongst chaos, who will be there to help and guide them just as soon as he would be there to laugh with them, unquestionably treating them as his equals, only ever taking them seriously.

William treats everyone he meets this way, because the world is scary and growing up is hard -- few know that more than him.

Hobbies and abilities


Fairy tale – Peter and Wendy

Main Article: Peter and Wendy
Disclaimer: The Native American characters in Peter and Wendy have been removed from how I handle the story, not to ignore that they existed, but to respect the Native American critics who have suggested that doing so is the best way to tell the story.
But henceforth Wendy knew that she must grow up. You always know after you are two. Two is the beginning of the end.

Chapter 1: Peter Breaks Through, Peter and Wendy

Wendy Darling is one of the two main characters in Peter and Wendy. Peter and Wendy tells the story of Peter Pan and Wendy Darling, two young children, one seemingly immortal and one just so, who meet in Edwardian England. Together they travel to Neverland and have to consider what it means to grow up.

How does William fit into it?

Wendy Darling in Peter and Wendy
Wendy flies away with Peter to Neverland, alongside her two brothers John and Michael and Peter’s fairy friend, Tinker Bell. The party is separated while flying into Neverland, resulting in Wendy being shot down by the Lost Boys at Tinker Bell’s command. She lives, but Peter is upset and so commands the Lost Boys to build her a Wendy House to stay safe in.

After another near death encounter on Marooners’ Rock at Mermaids’ Lagoon, Wendy decides she and her brothers must go home. The Lost Boys join them. Peter is upset by this, but lets them leave, unknowingly sending them defenceless into the hands of the pirates, who had found their hideaway and were laying in wait.

The Lost Boys and Darlings are taken to Hook’s pirate ship, where Wendy tries to keep their spirits high, despite inevitable deaths creeping closer. Luckily, before any walking of the plank, Tinker Bell and Peter arrive to help rescue the children. The group, having disposed of the pirates, co-opts the pirates’ ship to fly home.

You need not be sorry for her. She was one of the kind that likes to grow up. In the end she grew up of her own free will a day quicker than the other girls.

Chapter 17: When Wendy Grew Up, Peter and Wendy



Wendamina Darling
Greggory Darling
Elowen Darling
Joanna Darling
William George
Angelo Darling
Jane Darling
Matilda Darling





William has a pet Newfoundland called Nana, as all previous Wendys before him have.


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