Wonia Mucus is the 16-year-old daughter of the Tian Lou Creature from the Chinese fairy tale The Snail Shell Girl as told in Fujian. She formally was a Monster High OC created by bigrika that has been made suitable for Ever After by the help of Jade-The-Tiger.



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Wonia has long, black hair, usually pinned-up into an elaborate hairdo. Her Skin has a greenish color and all her attires are usually snail or spiral themed.  

Fairy Tale: The Snail Shell Girl

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How does Wonia fit into it?

While she likes the idea of finding love worth dying for, she naturally fears death nonetheless. Knowing that she will die drowning, she developed a deep fear of large bodies of water. Despite all of that, she has a strong desire to follow her mother's destiny and make her proud. She always tells herself that, even though having a tragic destiny ahead, her life will be full of sincere love and that she will be reunited with her beloved mother after that. The arising Rebel-Royal conflict however made her really indifferent about everything, since there are certain aspects of her story, that she would like to change that are not only reduced to it's outcome. 



  • Wonia was created by bigrika. Her Ever After profile art was made by Jade-the-Tiger.
  • She is another Crossover Character.
  • Her first name is an alteration from the Chinese word "Wōniú", meaning "Snail" in English. 
  • The Chinese zodiac depicted on her card, Snake, is NOT accurate with the real life equivalent (She would either be too old or too young for Ever After High, if we go by real world years) but was chosen because her birthday is supposed to be the date when the first Ever After High webisode aired (May 30th, 2013, and 2013 was the year of the Snake)