WootdorfFilmCo is a user on the Ever After High Fandom. They have a character name generator and name adopt page. They have many undeveloped OC's that they are working on....

Wootdorf's Characters

These are my many OC's. Many of them are very undeveloped, but I am working on it ;) BettyMoo: Daughter of the Cow Who Jumper Over the Moon

Celesta Sweetplum: Daughter of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Citlali Concolor: Daughter of the Cougar Spirit

Coalton de Snow: Son of Frosty the Snowman

Daniel Tweedle: Son of Tweedledum

Deidre Tweedle: Daughter of Tweedledee

Diddle E. Dee: Daughter of the Cat and the Fiddle

Evelyn Winters: Daughter of a Christmas Elf

Féelicia Fairtooth: Daughter of the Tooth Fairy

Fiammetta Firebird: Daughter of the Firebird

Ghostina Memory: Daughter of the Ghost of Christmas Past

Hexley le Fay: Son of Morgan le Fay

Isabelline Pawn: Daughter of the White King and Queen

Jacklyn Boxx: Daughter of a Jack-in-the-Box

Lillian Pawn: Daughter of the White King and Queen

London Darling: Daughter of John Darling

Loxy-Lou Fox: Daughter of the Fox

Merla Mystica: Daughter of Merlin

Patricia Goldpot: Daughter of the Leprechaun

Tandenna Fairtooth: Daughter of the Tooth Fairy

Teddie Darling: Daughter of Michael Darling

Tricksy Felinette: Daughter of the Cat

Vega von Twinkle: Daughter of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Future Characters

Lokin Glass, son of the Looking-Glass

Ruraleen Mouse, daughter of the Town Mouse

Killian Blindtail, son of the Third Blind Mouse

Valin Wing, son of a Winged Monkey

Elyta Wing, daughter of a Winged Monkey

Dixon Dock, son of The Mouse Who Ran Up The Clock

and many more to come

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