Wyckenda West is the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West, the antagonist of The Wizard of Oz.


Wyckenda is tough, and has a slight attitude, but can be really sweet. Wyckenda is protective of her friends, and especially her BFFA Doralynn Gale, who she supports in her Rebel life style. To Wyckenda, as long as she is by Dora's side, she is fulfilling her destiny.


Wyckenda wears a military chic inspired outift, with a fatigue skirt, billowed top and green and white striped leggings. Wyckenda also has green skin, and a small beauty mark above her lip, with red lips. She also has broom stick inspired heels.




Parents Story

The Wizard of Oz




Doralynn Gale

​Secret Heart's Desire

I would like to travel the world

My "Magic" Touch

I can cast spells and fly on any household appliance.

My Storybook Romance

I have a crush on a boy, Wezton Oz, but we're not destined for each other.

​My "Oh Curses!" Moment

I can't go near water, not because I'll melt, but I have a huge hydrophobia, fear of water, and it is totally emberassing.

Favorite Subject

Grimm-nastics, I like hard work.

​Least Favorite Subject

I am not a fan of Cooking Class-ic, water is kind of my wicked enemy.

Best Friend Forever After

Doralynn Gale



Doralynn Gale


Hoho, my flying monkey. He is the smallest and cutest of his litter, and I raised him all on my own. He has brown fur and dark forest green wings with green eyes.